Michael Farrell

the first thing, reechoed a latter day ecstasy leave your skull
stick at.

In, The. “Hollow, Of, The.” Cliff Hollow, listen. To That boat
    Swim Or. Count Signs: Proliferating Something, that.
Starts, A. Longing for Clones. &: Frosty The, Frostman.
---------. “How They: All Tal’k Those History.” Readers Lik’e Grandfathers.
    & Mothers: Did put Your, sheet.
On, Why. Would we Want That. Time Back Dark, butterflies. On
    The, Arm, &. Trunk.: Whispering Among, the.
---------. “Bruins Seek.” The Bruins. Long Line, Of.: People They,
A, Kind. “Of poet Peering,” into. The Canyon dropping The Im. q ueér,
    requiem. Choke (school of): emotion-the.
Effects, A. “Lingo Took My.” Baby Adorno, was. wrong (heaven): help-them.
The, Alienated, their. “Groping” With. Thought Tyranny: Their Realation, the
---------. Black Layer. Following The, Blue.: Everyone Knows, youre.
So, Splintered. “The,” yellow. Turns Into. Orange The Reviews
    Elsewhere By. Elseone Purify: The Mouth, &
The, Soul. “Will.” Flit Will. Around A: Candle Then, burn.
Some, Houses. Prisons The Homeless. Outlive. Expectations Theyve. Got. Spies &: Lucky,
Some, Houses, Theyre Not, Quite Emblematic, The Question. Does.
    It. Come To. Life When: The box.
Is, Opened. “Is answered Anaerobically.” Gary Numan Dies You Die. Or Try: Harder, frustrating.
The, Opposition, &. Earning minimal Extravaganzas Of: Affection, Reporting, For. Basement, Duty:
    Filling In For, a.
While, Vacancy. Hollow, listen. To That boat Swim Or. Count Signs:
    Proliferating Something, that.
Reoccurs, Sanity. Resurfaces Its. Wintry:

Something Saying


     its clear & needs
       nothing in between so gave me a
    taste goes down) the generations Stops sticky whistle you
       can make a kid eat it – you can keep
    him By your side wearing an: an apron kinkara tea & cards its its. dear no
     Tears kisses photos the
tin Roof neat (lean & wrinkled slave
        till the grave theres
       always – pipe clay time to be be raced)” Geraniums ferns daffodils
frown its its town culture... what can you do
   bleed a bit bit revelations are Few few;... drops on your tongue tricky try thistle stew danny stake
    the tomatoes giddy well have some Peace:; on
     the street toucans
       hide wont you angels weep a criminal
      always polite to me shut/ The door
   it died the roo
     tearing tearing through” through the bush like flu With
    a fireban on jesus jesus, something like a dandy dandy mallards come
Up from the
      river a few/ bits
     shearing shearing dingos Dingos two beers.
      to tango mrs joe blows
    hair tar in the heat black sedans uniformed, licks Rons
     shins showing showing hes reformed reformed a hike gloves in sleeves socks
   in. the bin aloof beat
       eighteen A? wink led to a wedding brave
    as money give me) the pill Hes shaved the
   chairs shine the “grapes ripen here comes love its
      like crystal “:it can kill
       like a Pistol” here it comes its new order
dragging honey Across the border __ __ – __ __ __ __

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