Angela Genusa

1100 ft s-1


consider the time it took
for the bullet from the
Mannlicher-Carcano to bore
through Kennedy's skull,
then dent the inside
of the limosine's windshield
and its chrome strip.

its average speed: 1100 ft s-1.


fast-forward: slow-mo motorcade freezeframe dealey plazaplay

[smiles] [applause] jfk waves (from) limousine


stroboscopic schoolbook depository applebullet ballet
shockwave muzzleblast blooddrop curtaincall coronet
gunman landmarksman shogun snipersnest snaking
pinkpillbox chanelspattered jackie O cradling O crawling

mythicpink spray blobwhite traumadrome kodachrome
'scuse me while i kiss the greengreen grassy knoll of home

lone shogunman double kneltknell underpass toll troll
parkland memorialandlords autopsyopsy medicinegods

secretserviceness hoovershush assoCIAtions blackdogman
sovietnam missilemafia lbjdixonnixon crystalball camelottery

fetalfatal vitalsignifier ovaledictorian officeoath assassination
nation paparazzapruder ballistic choreoconspiragraphies


singleshooter doubleoswald tripleunderpass
i quadraparaplegicpledge allegiance to the funerealflag
of the united states of the americandream


a ghost rises 1100 ft s-1

the nation's neverending
rite of extreme unction

Big Pharma Cornucopia Poetics

Rx-codecs un undo
dyslexic wu Wu-Wei waifs.
Druid gives highest
ID-nod from on nigh nigh.

O Eli Lilly lily liver,
O Glax O Smith Kline,
I align my my salutary lip-service
not only with your won wondrously
scored runes, but all also with
Queen Audio-Book's IUDs
and King Louie Louie XXXIV's
corset-lined man mandelbrots.

Rotgut colloquies spit spit
tobacc-O gun gunk on tanks,
go goad Tosca into sampling
the Doric-columned um exile-row
caviar at 7-11 Slurpee lalaland.

O cashier! Please cordon cordon
off the Rodins at the doc's
Latin-moistened orders.

Congratu u-vulations go to the
co co-dependent go-go dancers
dutifully ironicling out
O-ligarchical Anglo anger anger.

Pill-splitting dope yo yo yogis
decree OTC two-fers legal,
wreck re-rezoning plans as
Clorox-thu thumbed psy
psychiatrists tug Luddite-like
at their pock pocket watches.

The Camelot of Angela Genusa’s bedroom fjord is “Floorboard Cafeteria.” She enjoys winking at the winces, shimmers and futzes of commuters. She blogs at The Package Insert of Sorrows which is where these poems first appeared. They were emitted from cryptic hieroglyphics provided by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen.

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