Daniel f Bradley

Daniel f Bradley writes:
"hi i live in toronto with my girlfriend and our little girl. i make stuff. people get uncomfortable when i'm around. or is it the other way.

i make a little paper magazine that some people quite like. it's called fhole. others think it paper found in a recycle bin stapled together in a random order. they quite like it too. it's actually quite a good magazine."

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Blogger K O O D Y T A ' S K O R N E R said...

Yes, fhole is quite a nifty little magazine, in the great grand tradition of capital eye important little magazines; here the ephemeral is immediately made permanent by the condition of its existence, without hype and without fanfare. To encounter a copy is to implicitly understand what is meant by the term contemporary poetry, a term oft bandied about yet oft left undelivered. Dig it up and out of the woodwork and you shall not be disappointed.

Mazen Jaber

7:00 AM  

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