Marcia Arrieta

outside the fortress

i walk in wind
you are an enigma

penetrate the wall
anecdote in intimate

scheme the construct
engaged—rock & bridge

listen to the wind
alchemists    monks

music    sun

improvise wild
a series of lives

abandoned    hidden
unrequited wood cuts

palm branches
three quarter moon


between the turtle & the bird—sand & water—paths in sun. paths in clouds.
the clock has stopped. the minutes become wings. in the presence of an old book—
a compass & ship. arrows & the heart. directions unknown.

silence dreams

distant lands. ineffable.
the forest wilderness.
stars. sand. great circles.
mist. separating the questions.
lines & angles. as if we knew

Marcia Arrieta writes: "between labyrinths by borges and the real work: interviews & talks by gary snyder, i am trying to gain perspective (as always)as i wander through the universe. my recent work has appeared in osiris, the blueprint review, 27 rue de fleures, 13th moon, & little red leaves."

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