Steve Timm

from Unastoria

First Chapter

parently just a mat
ter of saying so
thing a
sands listening or only that isn’t clear. Just.
Try that, that.
A language say
or fuck?
The trouble with beginning.
The trouble with beginnings.
Fuck the both of them no question.
The mediam thing,
the verging.
The reacquisition of blindness, the relosing of hearing and speech
unto the very scomfort
of ante

Second Chapter

Approxly asleep the way the San Pachuco
up in the by gauche & by gory mists: Speak to me transmit damn me
ain’t a skeert
how’s put those parts
what the women wear’s sound
goners like Italians have
but saint of what to send along
nothing to hear
the hoots they don’t tran
slate or won’t take it though
they come from the exact phrase of of
fer the bird that is.

Third Chapter
The doctrine of reinvocation

So the words get their birth of me
do they
name that panoply
a partial limit
or lion half
the ground that or the ground that
passion’s lieu did you hear that
in the fear’s memory
cannot be apologized for
broken resistor
what’s the trans
like that or like that
when it’s not a question
when’s it
a real quandory

Fourth Chapter

Maybe if I got me an Optimister
who else’d I get
get for
slip of the tongue where tongue is language
what’s a get for for joing fast in the sky
a lung of the linjua
bit back to where
some wear a pause
does it mean it is working
will it turn real
turn the
slowing as can regardless
there was a frontier way of talking
too many of us

Fifth Chapter
Crowd management

I’ll say this much
never my intent
couple of swiped gambles
gave or took
when was it was since when
if yaint got the strength stay outa tharmy
as courteous as it gets
a life without slang
what I say to mean
but if I call it It’s So Fucking Stupid I’ll be misunderstood vs. faith
folla me
it keeps performing acts the way soaring seems pleasing to the soarer not the way it
      seems but the way it really is seems to me to be
really limping as into a bar
ought to’ve
move along folks that’s all

Sixth Chapter
Parroting tips

Was reading a story of camphor or was it lace
destiny and confusion
toot your own horn tutter
there’s a makeshift
backed into a succor sift wasn’t even Iraq
a lack of coincidences spells rugged independence
doom racket a lotta din
gave up refusing all together
catch ya on the inseam
there’s no code chuckling here!
the end of any dream

Seventh Chapter

in a snow a deer
now or nev
it’s through glass that
all eyes
silence of that
all a lie

in a snow falling a deer stands staring at the window
midrumination jaw legs breathing
which ear twitches?

Eighth Chapter
Which rock

Out there where like two interstates
law of gravity meets ledge of averawes
quite the hingey pickle
they said a person could go ahead and try it
use their lips
average sass against a telos
not to rain or rein
average tilt
not to rest as a bird
outsider artisan of the what if it were so
and it is or isn’t as always
and if you do you’re nameless
the backside of being one of us
thereby mooting the hell out of the whole thing

Ninth Chapter
Case of emotion

with moist petard
if this is my skull
you should see his skull, you could hear
every instance begins with an epithet
it has stopped mattering what you believe
jubilant down to the very skivvies he was skint of
not the way I heard it not the way I
your empty turn
it’s in winter that the owls are flirtin’est heard

Tenth Chapter
Ding sounder suondnest sou

Orneriest unrest
unblest hornster toadying dawn?
oof I thought to make it down
but the toad knows
at least he’s nonslur just random verbsprung
justice means it’s not the mean
the insolute ablution takes place
I brought my pardoner with me
they grin at the force
it’s free feeble folly just to sore-ride the face about
it’s the hereabouts vs. the thereabouts
it’s as aloof as a discussion where there isn’t a corner
they’ll pardon the fluviality
it’s the tiara that’s amiss

Steve Timm teaches English as a second language at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has an e-book, Disparity, with BlazeVOX (2006), and 2 chapbooks, Stragetics (Bronze Skull 2006) and Averrage (Answer Tag Home Press 2004).

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