Anne Gorrick

The July Garden

Fireworks                  The white screen of another month resembles
                                       the white out of her fingers
are                                while her temperature falls. Still
                                       Made madnesses on delicacy
a                                     The peonies bankrupting, silver plated
                                       A quarter of July cut into holidays
                                       The beach inside an old house, and the fireworks’ brief garden
brief                              Out of the ocean: miles
                                       or a garden almost completely played out
                                       except for the curiosities of goosenecks
garden                         The oak still splendid: red with bees

The screen is another month in front of her
because it resembles taste
Her fingers move out of this computed white
The silver belly of mental disorders in elegance:
the bankrupted farm
The jet fire in airplanes, a traveled king of allotters
The beach, like many old houses, has people and fireworks
pulled out of it like miles
overwhelming in its excess
In moth curiosity
daylilies and the jackmanii empty out July
In balsamed bee calms, forced weathers in Red and Magenta

Time                             Temperature a pregnant falling, meant slowly. Still
                                       Many beds of iris rhyme with the elegance of a farm
                                       where flowers yesterday were white
resembles                  or silver gone bankrupt
                                       The fire in the jetcraft of minor kings
                                       holidays plated with fireworks
first                               The ocean pulls miles out of the old beach house
                                       In order to generate a larger spectacle
                                       the garden sinks under loosestrife
glances                        Curiosity remaining in daylilies, empty if done

Another month fronted her
when time is similar to looking
She: temperature too inadequate to locate the I’s whereabouts, slowly
The farm loftily spent
silver: the peony bankrupted
Old houses and fireworks, the sea unraveling for miles
Carmine moths, in complete curiosity

                                       The months laid against one another
or                                  while time stops in her fingers
                                       in white consequence
                                       Still, if you become iridescent
silver                            if the peonies in yesterday, then the silver dawn insolvent
                                       Competition plates the king
                                       Holiday’s substantial beach
bankrupts                  The sea pulled from its own miles
                                       We trace words on the turned throat of a goose
                                       Water gutters in paper majority
daybreak                    Bees forced clearly for properties in red

A fat month in front of the I
Time because it is similar to whites and blacks
The ore in her finger
movements in white consequence
She is not full of her temperatures
whereabouts I, meaning slowly
assumed excavations
Expenditures understood yesterday possibly
The cause of silver for an agricultural factory

                                       Peonies declare daybreak bankrupt
of                                   A wild spray of airplane fire
                                       Competition chooses which king to silverplate
a                                     Suitable fireworks pull a mile out of the sea
                                       The garden’s waterdrain gutter in goose throat trace
                                       First papers incomplete, the jackmanii threaded through daylilies
sea                                 The bees in forced product

One months of white screens inside
The hours a similar search for hazard
Wild in airplane gushing, excavated
The plating in competition peeled
Dawn in urgent inability which becomes declaration
to a white farm
Tablelands in gain and loss, it writes
The holidays peel from the hazards carried by July
The seashore longs for fireworks, suitable to stand in for miles
Trace knowledge at the throat, geese gutter in adjacent waters
First papers and rum
The jackmanni snaps off inside the daylilies
There the butterfly ends
In the beds, property is a clear ingredient
Red, and the car it pushed off

Small                           The hours in risk initially
                                       The movement of her fingers stops
                                       at endangered interiors, unsatisfactory temperatures
still,                              Small, still, You
                                       become excavation, inert
                                       Plated in pressing incapacity
                                       which becomes the declaration in color
You                               peeled off yesterday

Explosives, ground tables, risk
Profit and loss revise him
The holidays peeled and quartered
July carries interiors similar to seashores
An ocean in wish for a detonator ardently
The house sways in agreements
In order to be happy, compare risk
trace knowledge against the throats of Canadian geese
adjacent water gutters
First paper exclude him, remaindered in rum
Multiple jackmanni broken far inside the daylilies
Property and risk are obligatory in red cars pushed off cliffs
certain ingredients released

In                                  Months compose her asymmetrically
                                       The shape of hours that taste like risk
                                       Her temperature is inadequate, meant slowly
the                                Still, if we become iridescent in spent understanding
                                       How white was yesterday
                                       your perhaps formed in silver dawn avowed insolvent wildly
course of                    Decided in fire: July
                                       a quarter in resemblance to a holiday
                                       The beach, many old houses corrected by fireworks
                                       the sea, pulled out of miles
competition:            Cause for a larger illustration, exceeds in luck
                                       in sunken competition
                                       Substance traced at the throat of a goose
                                       a water garden incompletely made of paper
Her                               The forced manner of characteristics

A white screen covers her
like hours that fall, like risk at the beginning
The movement of her fingers at his interiors
The I endangered by temperature, means the I insufficient
Always, the You becoming more nuanced
excavated, inserted
Wild and a plan of gushing
the incapacity of pressure
declaration in white to be peeled possibly
Groundtables of risk

Paper                           At the night’s seaside, there is so much July ocean
                                       that burns like wishes detonating
                                       Happy in completed risk, traces of knowledge
                                       like the upturned throats of geese
                                       Gutter in adjacent water
excludes                     Paper excludes us
                                       remaindered in rum, in multiple jackmanii
                                       The flower will break the distance between daylilies
                                       A butterfly inserted with property
                                       Obligatory released
us                                   Red and the car they pushed

There will be white screens and moths to cover her
in dresses that look like hours
The You delivered from nuance, excavation, introduction
It was wild to plan, and gush
in the process of competition, in selected orders
Descend as far as possible into pressure
The incapacity to descend into loss: she writes to it
Holidays made up of one quarter risk
The ocean desire burning and persona
Competition immersed in water, happy in its own completion
Locate traces of knowledge in the fluttering throat of adjacent waters
The distances conclude in compulsory reds

Small                           The months in front of her like screen
                                       time tastes like danger, threatens the I
the                                which was always intended to be small
                                       The nuances of excavation
wildness                      The wildness in plans
                                       Him: the explosive that writes the farm
                                       A pure white declaration, the disabled power in pressue
in                                   There is an ocean which desires this very house
                                       the thousands of external personalities of the seashore
plans                            Commerce surpasses reason

Facts dampening in water, the search in it for the physical
The You excluded from first papers
The broken eye of the will in intervals of daylilies
the remaining ram liquor in plural jackmanii
Completed knowledge at your throat
We bring the quality of danger to the raw materials
mandatory in bees
Color the automobile red in order to harvest

                                       Time tastes like beginning
when                            She threatens insufficient temperature
                                       The I, which is intended, is small
                                       The farm writes in her a moment of pure declaration
                                       Need and him, explosive
the                                The farm where you write marks of pure declaration
                                       In addition to holidays: forms, behaviors, the material July
                                       One quarter of interior dangers are always similar
                                       The ocean wishes for this very house
I                                     and a thousand external possibilities installed
                                       on the edge of the sea, detonated
                                       Danger competes when the I is happy
                                       when the I surpasses reason
surpasses                   Fact deadens in water
                                       Here eyes are broken by his will
                                       Daylilies carry luck at their throats
reason                         Bees made compulsory against the red harvest

   the Honeymoon

Begin again

                           Swell and fluke
                                       break of heaven

Magenta and green

                           in color
                           Sky’s cyan rant

A bitten Persian

                                       Would sleep well
                                       under coarse
                                       and purpleblown

Scratching the cliff into

photo or flight

Dislike the eye as way

                           I abbreviate you here

you, the ring
breviary, the ring

                                       Marry this Italy

                           to suture

Anne Gorrick's work has been published in many journals including: American Letters and Commentary, the Cortland Review, Dislocate, eratio, Fence, Gutcult, Hunger Magazine, No Tell Motel, the Seneca Review, Sulfur, and word for/word. Her work has appeared in several anthologies including: The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel, (No Tell Press, 2006), Homage to Vallejo (Greenhouse Review Press, 2006), and Riverine: An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers (Codhill Press, 2007).

Collaborating with artist Cynthia Winika, she produced a limited edition artists’ book "Swans, the ice,” she said with grants from the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY and the New York State Council for the Arts. She also curates the reading series Cadmium Text, featuring innovative writing from in and around New York’s Hudson Valley. More about the readings can be found here.

Her first book, Kyotologic, is forthcoming in 2008 from Shearsman Books.

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