Raymond Farr

I Felt Subconsciously

Mein hyssop mimes the confederate jazz lyrics       for the bistro
Maestro hip hop parade route during          periodicity happening

I felt subconsciously about U klinger       hi top in       Haifa flat iron
Cycle upon cycle with no cliff to hang trope cliché moi / post-

Moi                                                                                 Bye saying bye
Hand on return

The bees’ universe of sordid Ass Whole fixations                Quips
Heart throb glub!      Paly / not play Freudian fee up front slip

Quiz games                               I cut my life into pi pieces & carried it out

ESC key to veer across median Is not expected to sell a thousand
units by Fri or Sat I had a wet dream built in To the west facing

wall of pure boredom Glory Horror etc.                Insects w/ scripts
Photo blend Word match Veracity is not a place I want to visit

Except for knives Or killing krill A kiln is over                mr head
DE-com-press-ion Uterus slop     The train has arrived silly as a


Coming to A halt On super infant’s unimagined personhood
Not near still enough Bocce Libre el & one old Spect Vol—p acer

vite la bore
eh tory A tome Cauldron flexing ironically in cisterns wild

Sisters will & selph –580 moronic inarticulate snood
Models are a real pain To begin a dream with X-Memory-X says:

“I alone am X-Memory-X!” Tupelo honey grove-stand where
X-Memory-X collapses! Having entered himself A nevrvous braek

donwn –m Xm m Xm m Xm internalized      Tons of oboe
I deluge under cover Nightmare of stars Watching the night watch


Spinning galactic Clorox idiosynchronously Punning the punter
jack booter W/ crème freshe Stand off At dawn Demo To pub

Ozone Snarl Up

Zorro hibiscus
Wrenched capital cow hand on line
Fence split wide
Open loot to chili paste
Denial charm sac
Round the Bendix plant at Surge Point
Cowl pasture fern willow manufactured
Ozone snarl up
Photo genetic leg up banters within compounds
Vermicelli pew water (pun intended)
Oak specimen flea basin growling
Off color
Snatched up quanta mechanics chem-disaster Hopi gourd among fluoride
Itch down (mech-
To wards
Implicitly drawn
Syndicate’s a candidate
Personal reasons expire like car tags

The former’s a pennant

Too many heat

Too many novas under umbrellas like a rock

The evidence gussied up

Terrible ammines loose in a tub

A rabbit’s foot of dream journals

Gussied up truth

A third blind mouse

Of letting things slide

Inequitable Seizures Allot Monk a Song


Frische’s bÖk choy Big Boy® runs guns
Runs ahoy
EUNOIAmeat thermo Hermes frgmnttion
Dyes clear bio inflection posing against snow piles
Driven / Ideated
DullSchwinn®texticle of a b/icicle speeds along Soolagong
Riven up Soolagong obverse sieve-ly odd
Position 12 monkeys shudder in haste making waste
Sensorial applause meters often
A panel discusses
Claws against cinder block
A marsh gander
                                              Votively flit flit flight-ridden
Chanticleers over oboe’s linkage of mussels from Brussels
Freer than beer nearer the skiers laced West & easternly
Of painted little portmanteaus affecting anorexia
If heaven’s a glade off crying faces
Look wonder up on scales
Dykstra co-Münichates oven beliefs among bad pods—
Little Harry balled Sara to her cat
Politicos jawbone her ass hole is sacred ground
yet not fecund enough to lie in

Almonddive or salmonetta
The issues flow into stone charts offering sole
Losing oratorio momentum
                                              TIME swooning & swigging
Is a 3rd
Is better
Off dead
Or dazed & bubblingthe odes of soporific Winn Dixie®
in Comstock’s Review of Little Sentences
as raw
or near ironic

Freizes descending a staircase mean a phrase or no phrase
In panic a phial leans on Diamond St.


Descendinga staircase
wallets abhor Jude & her gun in nude photos at Wal-Mart®

Bittern Mein chronicler
The fürEE/us equinox
& laughing
Equitable seizures allot Monk
A song
Curried like ox tales
History’s a soup arranged by bona fide plunders
Animates notes
A crank
Wild & manured
Tilted /jammed up “ESC” key kneels before summer
Knelt in manor befitting Warholaray, the great
Crushing exploitative passage on Pop Artist, Andy Warhol
In tube one
A millionth
Replica spiels blottedly O! BLOTTEDLY!
a minator’s ars poetica
{a periodicity’s confurious tumor
{a blog in heaven’s horis’ hands presses
Wi/ thhollows
For dice

The Old Yugoslavia Is Smoke / éclat

There is/are plenty a MOHAWK
to go round Jezebel twice

Imagine foreign is/isn’t real to think over
his lines: “Toast? Or Tony Tost?
Anyone here?”

Walks w/aplomb

The tulip’s a bullet escapes muzzle velocity wholesale
One swipe of MAGIC rinse agent 6
& ballet with a bullet
CORPses****************A-1 Japan
circa the rough stuff:
                                              monstre sacre says simon says

Mt. Hood desire
of Montaigne (squirrelous Michel Eyquem de:
Poke a long little moon calf

Liquid little druid child chokes

On curved space
is a black sheet of ego
& railed

Then hum drum
toucan & super fluid
to measure

Raymond Farr lives in Ocala, FL all the live long summer. His work appears in Xstream, Blaze Vox, Dusie, Moria, Little Red Leaves, Success, The Flux I Share, As-Is, Apocryphal Text, Venereal Kittens, Word/forWord, coupremine, Cricket On Line Review, Bird Dog, & Sidebrow. He welcomes email inquiry about his work. If you would like to receive his free chaps contact him
at: r.farr@worldnet.att.net.

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