Thomas Fink and Maya Diablo Mason


Where am I going to sleep?
There’s nothing definite.
I had to beg people for a place to put my things.
He didn’t give me any bargains.
Is it getting to look clean?
It’s one person.
What are you paying for me?
Don’t get out of line.
I’ll put them in a pile on the bed and the floor.
And those are the ones.
Well, this is still America.


They heard it was you, and they knew everything.
I can’t believe it how they hold you in awe so for your
wonderful music.
You did everything right.
They think you’re better than the whole lot.
They gave you that same glowing thing from a bank.
But you certainly should take advantage.
How do you get the extra—the soups mixed?
You have to iron while the going is hot.
Do you have something you could sweep up
the dirt with?

Maya Diablo Mason was published in The First Hay(na)ku Anthology (Meritage, 2006) and her collaborative work has appeared in Otoliths and is forthcoming in 21 Stars Review, BlazeVox, Of(f) Course, and Marsh Hawk Review. A high school student in Long Island, New York, she plans to pursue a career in drama, visual art, or writing.

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