Peter Ciccariello

instead a silence IV

the gloaming of america

betrayal of syntax

Peter Ciccariello is an cross-genre poet, artist, and photographer, who is fascinated by words and the unbreachable spaces between things. His current interests are in experimenting with the melding of text and images in virtual worlds. Recent work has appeared both in print & online in, amongst other places, New River Journal, dbqp: visualizing poetics, Oregon Literary Review, The Long Island Quarterly, MOCA The Museum of Computer Art, Otoliths, and Word For/ Word – A journal of new writing. He is a regular contributor to PoetryEtc., Cyberminds, Writing-L List, and The Poetics List sponsored by: The Electronic Poetry Center (SUNY-Buffalo/University of Pennsylvania). His latest book, Uncommon Vision is available here. Links to his current online work can be found at http://invisiblenotes.blogspot.com/.
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Blogger Sheila Murphy said...

Rich and powerful work that integrates powerfully visual and textual art. Bravo, Peter C!

5:40 PM  

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