Raymond Farr

Creation, Sequence de facto

Some dude posed dead in EXIT’s red flash.

[for the jazz will be western—
                                                             this bass trombone, this trumpet are jazz,
                                                                                                  s’il vous plait]

&walked down among western evening picnickers,
out strolling in their blue denim death suits, some searching, some blind as moles—
wild, uncontemplated, anvil’d & gross arrangements of texts

manacled to clefs.

& rose up, for he stood up defines violet for purple window sill.

Late Arrival

                                                             …dark, exact footfall by dark, exact footfall,
up “origins’” gravel drive, arrives (on schedule) (in sync) (under sailor’s sky

                                                                                            at evening)

                               evolving as (I

      era geologique, epoch de l’histoire,         ,clandestine, foggy, “wunderkinder”
yielding: puns punches plots [& then] “wunderkinder” arrives late in High German:

                                 “I was this guy writing words I saw in my head—

The links were glacial & pearls.                    The pearls were equal & flowed.
The flowers were open & equal.                    The words were glacial & onyx.

                                 I watched a man, meaning damask.
                                 I suffered the patrol of his depths.”

Poly-Sutra,       ,et al.

Painters know,         ,as poets don’t,         ,that “za ‘faran” ain’t the sun.

& “al zahr” [arabic: “the dice”] resembles to-do lists hazardous through space &

“Look, Popeye, it’s helium the orbit the phylum the every.”

ab intra

Jute Norse Anglo Dutch [Italics,          , heroically] me ODE’s

                                              but a budding

                               absquatulates epenthesis ab intra,         ,me
cardiff’s a klutz,                    ,me animus owes zilch to
evolve,                                              ,a ditz-upon-Thames,                ,
Flemish in woodcuts,
                                                             , & amber beneath,
                                                             ,floodlights and stars,
                                                           ,the water chilled black,            ,
me talu's me tael,

abundantly wildly obsessively Olde Worldly

&ever verging eateries evolve upon every e

a RED SHIFTED coping

                                                             &,books per shelved minute,

           ,theclock,       ,theclock,       ,theclock,       ,theclock,       ,gauged

                                               & mimicking,

                                                             Time forward:

No more red than red shifted south
at some point a camera is too much.

& trailed by earnest, gallant Officer Huff,
Time is the substance of Officer Huff.


                               Stasis kept on    /    WORDAGE per acre
                                    et al                               the goats the departs
                                              [left a stage a self]
                                                        a self [actually] [acutely]Miserere:

& meaning baroque, I rumored reclusive.
& meaning rococo, I stayed all night enthralled in my hammock,
                                                                      ,RED SHIFTED, blogging
                               a sign is an aardwolf roiled in moonbeams           &
                                                             at baroque,      ,lopped at gravel drive,
,the _dges caught fire,                ,the swart crags
                                carved out of crimson,      ,assumed a red,
                                                                ,                ,akin to flame,
                                                             a being solar, pure in color—
                                  east of chapel,           ,west of cipher—
       a plot the wunderkinder undertook
now oddly in stone                     in sun / in deluge
                                     on [gravel drive] [lopped _dge
                                          of grassy]shadow
[the rain a plot point]
                                       flood & conflagration apres midi

Raymond Farr lives in Ocala, FL. His work appears most recently in Cricket On Line Review, Sous Rature, Moria, Xstream, Text Base, Otoliths, Little Red Leaves, Success, Sidebrow, Word for/Word, Venereal Kittens, Apocryphal Text, Dusie, among others. Visit his blog for more info.

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