harry k stammer

“I say, I didn’t”

separate by

(explaining) “you did, it”

risky behavior as

“to resolve a sense”

purpose ankle

pants leg

shoe over “kind

of a subject” one

finger tap

tapping (or) shaved

face growth (too)

“one’s that control”

certain ‘cumulation

whose open

“set of normal, normality”

open (ness)

right hand ankle

grab left

foot “used to be”

towel over

“did not” heat

from arms under


“produced by many others”

excessive (much)

tapping (again) frequency

“subject as review”

nescient distilled

sensa (tion) as

walking trips (stumble)

sit tower (over)

tap tooth (tapping)

reduced arm out

posture back (s)

“didn’t say”

degrade loss

“you didn’t do it”

(context) fat

from deteriorate

period (s) about

mention’d “fuck this control”

left right

“denoted twice the size”

swallow again

(swallow) pinched finger

lip (lips) ‘biotics (anti)

pan shitting lick (ing)

temporary “prove

it” initially

(power’d) gravel sand

“stoned, you’re like”

3 times this

mass hardening around

two shoes lips

fingers (drip)

“water and mud”

usual (al)

two hands together


“genetic, it’s”

solid bread (bit)

associate’d “another

class” mass (C-Diff)


flaring phenomenon

(feed) “solid, unattractive”

‘terns word matter

‘ternal (follow)

steps street

into (single) drag


“one DNA or a another”

stratus (dispo) forms

(switching) out

swells “answer, removes short”

‘grene (affected)

slag (member)

“but even now” dump’d

temperature “that meaning”

legs arms swollen


note’d tongue depressed

(other than)

“meaning full’s

understand” heaped (sense)

lick (ing)

“pulls ordinary out”

reject’d again (fourth)

harry k stammer lives and works in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. He has published four books of poetry including (little) Tokyo, beeasily —with Karri Kokko, 'every, beyond't nothing', and tents. harry has also been recently published in the online magazine P.F.S Post. harry keeps a poetry blog at harrykstammer.blogspot.com.

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