John M. Bennett

Blinder Blinder

blinder roast than towel incineration

incineration of the luggage boat

boat thighs dripping off your plate

plate toilet or the glassy wall

wall natter ,instant gate ,crud snore

snore fuse ,piled the worm throat higher

higher clink across the drowning stove

stove plunder ,stroke of snipping beets

beets layered in the basement hush oh hush

hush bubbler throat or fog my cash

cash smaller mumbler of the soap

soap ,heave ,knack ,drip ,loft ,bucket

bucket coughing like your stripper leg

leg mist drifting toward your face blinder

Sure Fantod

sure plow sure nick sure some sure boot sure
glottus sure bank sure hole sure scissors
sure butt sure cloud sure sender sure fart sure
glue sure thumb sure inch sure core
sure sung sure nates sure bomber sure pore sure
lung sure knot sure loss sure sunk
sure dumb sure matter sure hung sure it sure
clod sure went sure nod sure blunt
sure weasel sure gak sure limb sure tie sure
flag sure shit sure clung sure amble
sure whallop sure do sure mope sure him sure
bender sure morbid sure lunge sure fantod

Neck Neck

neck whistle lounging in the soup

soup thread ,plod across the street

street nekkid ,focus of the gun

gun dip smartly scattered past the fork

fork and cheek ,cloud and shirt ,lamination

lamination wrinkle coughing on your foot

foot suit puzzle ,aim your wire shrug

shrug dancer humming past the lake

lake gland toppled ,grunting hair left

left gristle foaming on the sidewalk

sidewalk yam ,a bus crumbles by

by nostril hose by rinse your innards

innards bustled in the soggy afternoon

afternoon or window crawling in your neck

Neck Yes

yes neck blut neck calm neck dog
neck yak neck try neck yet neck do neck
pill neck rote neck am neck aim
neck yet neck no neck clobber neck saw neck
chit neck roster neck dead neck giggling
neck odd neck um neck raw neck ha neck
sham neck slant neck cud neck blowing
neck rumor neck old neck gasp neck rod neck
shore neck tram neck coddle neck dry
neck glut neck angle neck sno neck cod neck
meal neck mud neck soak neck hammer
neck shake neck dim neck hack neck chaw neck

Shore Shore

shore heavers dripping in your undershirt

undershirt dust ,glassy wind ,lung puzzles

puzzles cut inside your pocket nod

nod thing steaming in the lab condition

condition leak your fulsome trotting

trotting grab the bungled arm air

air and fist a notepad burns

burns the cawed the clamp the quick

quick an dreamless ,shade of lumber

lumber wallet where your tripping eye

eye bee ,fruit of stripping coffee cups

cups and guns ,sawdust ,flies around yr lap

lap sot ,where yr pistol ,flooded chair

chair laundry ,fatty cyst lying on the shore

Bring Smelt

bring sip bring hump bring gnat bring shoe bring
tongue bring glot bring us bring crap
bring int bring res bring gum bring sew bring
come bring bowl bring bowel bring sog
bring bog bring gut bring sent bring glue bring
sprung bring logorrhea bring sit bring gas
bring calm bring too bring the bring beck bring
on bring gust bring death bring spring
bring lid bring matter bring us bring clod bring
hone bring got bring needle bring never
bring hum bring ass bring oil bring don bring
shave bring sombra bring dung brink smelt

Slumber Slumber

slumber headless in your inky hat

hat honey sticking in yr ears

ears sporking windless acrobatics

acrobatics crawling houseflies in the afternoon

afternoon and puzzles on the windowpane

windowpane or laundry falling in the breeze

breeze swallowed tumba or a sugar cube

cube water or your hollow chin

chin looper ,full lingo ,dot mater

mater fogging where your loot crystals

crystals splitting in your shoe

shoe river ,or your toweling escapade

escapade and dimwit smiling in the dusk

dusk lightning slowly crossed your slumber

Mal Ente

mal cheap mal cloche mal liquide mal sot mal
place mal ink mal droit mal steam
mal hiel mal note mal nom mal seer mal
dock mal langue mal usé mal shank
mal desordre mal tu mal be mal not mal
cram mal lung mal toot mal same
mal frotter mal bleat mal was mal id mal
short mal estar mal dung mal cute
mal sank mal pense mal sue mal shot mal
due mal rat mal dôme mal run
mal sop mal rue mal pluie mal dirt mal
soif mal gnat mal con mal ente

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