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Your Transcript / primate 8.3 (cont'd)


12/23/08 12:08 AM

i is a primate, maybe, in servitude …

i speaks to i [ WHO CARES WHICH? ] [I AND I ARE THE ROOTS …. ]
“Thus, for instance, the doctor won over to ‘ethical’ ideology will ponder, in meetings and commissions, all sorts of considerations regarding ‘the sick’, conceived of in exactly the same way as the partisan of human rights conceives of the indistinct crowd of victims — the ‘human’ totality of subhuman entities [reéls]. But the same doctor will have no difficulty in accepting the fact that this particular person is not treated at the hospital, and according to all necessary measures, because he or she is without legal residency papers, or [or or or or or]. Once again, ‘collective’ responsibility demands it! What is erased in the process is that fact that there is only one medical situation, the clinical situation, and there is no need for an ‘ethics’ (but only for a clear vision of this situation) to understand that in these circumstances a doctor is a doctor only if s/he deals with the situation according to the rule of maximum possibility — to treat this person who demands treatment … as thoroughly as s/he can, using everything s/he knows and with all the means at her/his disposal, without taking anything else into consideration. And if s/he is to be prevented from giving treatment because of the State budget, because of death rates or laws governing immigration, then let them send for the police. Even so, her/his strict Hippocratic oath would oblige her/him to resist them, with force if necessary. … For to be faithful to this situation means: to treat it right to the limit of the possible. Or, if you prefer: to draw from the situation, to the greatest possible extent, the affirmative humanity that it contains. Or again: to try to be the immortal of this situation.”
i speaks to i: yes, the moral obligation begins with hope. Hopeless hope. But
since we’re all doctors …         [ DOCTORS! ] [ YOUR OWN NOTES …… ]

                                        Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth: You owe me.

                                        That’s Hafez,
                                        courtesy of Norbu,
                                        courtesy of my dear friend Shin Yu

that’s what i’s talking about:
the endless
endlessness of the utopian bodhisattva revolutionary’s completely

                          “mene mene tekel upharsin”, baby

A big part of this page (a big part of my head)      [ “THE HEAD” ]
Is missing.

                         look at the bee
                         on its way
                         to what is brought out of light

la most bodacious vow

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