Raymond Farr

:the forum is a negative
                                                                           For Taylor

I stood road-side along Hwy 441
Up to my waist in bull rushes, looking for my FLorida
Swamp frostbite kit
Waiting for Taylor
To hand me my keys and a flashlight. Thanks for
The pencil lead Taylor.
You may cross over any one of three
Bridges into several garments of simplicity’s own design.
I shall stumble up
Out of the muddy culvert asking someone
for a hand. Or if a hand is not available,
then may I have
A piece of paper diaper on which to write Taylor a poem?
A poem titled: cell phone realism: MSSING U
:turn R 17th 2 36th Av / L on2
:SE 13th St / R on2 SE 43rd Terr
:R up2 6th House on R: PART B:
to fly like instinct or HOWL among other traits, acts, innuendoes,
monsters calling virgins HELP lines for ghouls, ad men for vox,
jocks, Goths, “straights”, Gays, walking slash talking,
& the little ones with cell phones running low on their minutes
replay Beatles’ Revolver
the flip side of which I mean, I am a Calvin Klein pillow case
slash LOST/mental case
Roaming charges, sd Taylor, are what I deal
With every day but Sat & Sun.
the flip side
Is extinct now. All songs go: yo-yo YO! Yoko
Gnarly Ono download yr groove ass
Dude, yr ass is flaming cell tower out of bounds!
Come down, sd Taylor. I have yr hand now. Gracias
& I am like I am The Sower with gratitude
Out of vitamins in Micanopy
PART C excludes: Lou Reed bathroom lovers’ digest
NY satiric mode (all makes /no angels’ high
(as opposed to lyric or ironic)pornographic “material”///scratchy-
Static-y static off
Velvet Underground underground LP
Shatters Hit Parades’ paraded dog & pony teeny bopper screeeeee----
ckckchkhkckkkshshshshing to fiddle faddle ringtone
The needle was the point, illegible as yakking
:andy warhol demented cash money PART D
Email, dropping calls
The solution is gratis
The forum is a negative in black chemicals swimming, sd Taylor,
Look! We are as in a dream
And the dream twisted back into images of reality checks
Voyeurs, sd Taylor, come
and they go
But Campbell’s Soup cans‘re everyman’s eye
The Dawning of Aquarius


(scaldead & mood-

(y, scallop’d as Vejlhoort-

(‘s comet kakemono

the performer is Himn

promulgating tuna

on Wonder Bread

Himn pauses in strait-

(‘s nth degree western

known onl-

(y as DOUGH BOY—

ahoy, Lichtenstein, ahoy!

& writing so wrong-

(edly & dreaming

of dreaming

Himn pauses

nihilistic as m falters

causing kazoos—

up flying saucers!

chercher la cheddar!

the biscuits are fanged!

more cynical m

than Symbolist bicycle-

(‘s gulag of death camp-

(s’s nightmare

on Elm Street

The Fates have their bubble gum

their jujubes

& Himn full of plague years

what has Himn but

a quorum of Beats’ beets

numbered evenly

thru 900 poems?

a choice of absurd little hassles

whispered thru walls?—

if you are Bertolt Brecht-

(‘s zebra at dawn

press one now to continue

(does Himn dare to press one?)

if you are not Bertolt Brecht-

(‘s zebra at dawn…

the end lines vanish

—cogs into cog-

(‘s pages of April—

sayonara, flamingos!

au revoir, Cathay!

aloha to Zuzu-

(‘s dark painted petals

Raymond Farr lives in Ocala, FL. His work appears on line and in print at Venereal Kittens, Apocryphal Text, Cricket On Line Review, Moria, Xstream, Little Red Leaves, Otoliths, and Sous Rature. Most recently in print his poems were selected for the Sidebrow Anthology, and issue 4 of Cannot Exist.

Visit his poetry blog at mjonesrview.blogspot.com.

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