Alana Madison

little rockets

(The Sun)
Teenager sucking doggy along the old street behind whose shutters hide secret lecheries, scandal pics of Paris the cruel sun strikes down We have her in the fields of MILF Banger Valley Sunday on the car radio. The chance of a rhyme looking for an outfit to lose her virginity, she stumbles over the words paving shy but once these little innocents coil up they become those slutty little whore enemies of learning. How to suck camera hear their verse bloom in fields of the biggest Pamela Anderson T-shirt without her bra on stars go crazy with honey hives and brains. All that shit about her teeth with a huge instrument, déclassé. Getting nasty and tasty chairperson commands them crops to those immortal hearts which never wish to bloom. Barbie can do unbelievable things dwelling sexy cottage hung busty Mommy enjoying horse dick. The sated Hiltons are just giving away blowjobs for free now, Britney is involved. She won't care that the city, the country, the roofs, and the wheat are just another pleasant drive. Today a kind fellow helps young girls to stone. It's their first time and they're just lines dreamed of long ago that never knew they could be fucked for the first time on roses. Squeal as they get their tight cherry's evaporated toward heaven. Or caught in a wet Hollywood on the Vine we can show you those who we watch. Brushing the sweetness and gaiety, flourish and ripen, jerking off koala dick.

At sea, sucking for doggy cum beyond starry spheres, fuck with ease, while Melissa jerks all of California. Boundless drill this baneful experienced Mom frog cock drink those limpid regions. See the heavenly nectar's most perfect cock. That weight obscures our vision, of busty women. Ashley is jerking off Madonna, and getting some deep drilling by gazelle cock. Brooke is jerking off fox and getting it from behind with hawk cock. Beyond the confines of dick there is some major rapture theology. Kayla, fucking unspeakably sensitive lads and their hard young celestial airs. Sasha jerking off a big star like Angelina Jolie World. Happy straight men are desperate for an orgasm and take head right on stage. Full of flowers we can't contain our strong swimmers, jerking off my sheep with a zest that borders on virile joy. You with that poison dart, before the vast sorrow of chimpanzees that can become kinky. Soaring skylark, Paris Hilton was in jail with gorilla loving pussies. My sexy wood slut, countrywomen sucking off some antelope clouds for the sun. Far, far, away from the ethereal fire that is Angelina Jolie. Only the purest of you will rule these luminous mornings and only the sexy of you will understands my language.

Alana Madison has had poems published in Jacket, Listenlight, Otoliths, and Shampoo.

Alana understands that the purchase or sale of or investment in property are the only important decisions she will ever make.

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