Cath Vidler

Found Source Code Poems

1:         def poem(jumper, jumpee="moon"):
                      out = [ ]

15:      #
            # To use, put some text between <poem></poem> tags

23:      # <option>joke</option>
            # <option>poem</option>
            # </select>

28:      ;;
            ;;      Body of poem

54:      /* When anything at all happens, make a new poem
            */ public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ev) {

98:      u"grocery list",     u"gift ideas",     u"life goals",
             u"fantastic recipe",     u"garden plans",     u"funny joke",
             u"story idea",     u"poem"]

208:    POEM(1) := 'Mary';
              POEM(2) := 'had';
              POEM(3) := 'a';
              POEM(4) := 'little';
              POEM(5) := 'lamb';

274:     public void addPoem() {

362:     "this looks almost l"
                          "ike a poem but not.";
                      const char *errmsg;

472:     /// <remarks>
              /// A poem

Cath Vidler is the editor of Snorkel, a literary magazine specialising in the publication of creative writing by Australians and New Zealanders. Her poems have appeared in various literary magazines including Otoliths, Cordite, Mascara, Alba, Sport and Turbine. Her chapbook Cloud Theory was published by Puncher and Wattmann in 2007.

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Blogger Geof Huth said...

I can't believe these are found, but they are funny, visually intriguing, and beautiful in an unassuming way. Is not every poet's topic poetic? Is not ever poem simply about itself?




12:39 PM  

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