J. S. Murnet


Stole a shim to vacate a lot of shamrocks
blood a name to inching in the contest
pressed a line of spores to watch it glow
dressed a time of doors to wrist the low
condoning of pink otter socks
flagged the thunder shining in the east
against a feast of choired awareness
hopped again the suit least charred in suds then
sprawling across hot ham leg ants, swirl the
tuna salad like a hat, belong to tie-dry
venisonia, then bid on loopers,
clot the salad with a ham noose
sprocketed in wheel flay focus lock
grassy like a, bench flood loop
tuned to G-feather (moll) stochastic (blinking)
dunking flacked finger in your sleeping eyes
look at the new world spinning shoulderly the
loomed girdle grinning in the smoke
post-prenatally agog with sugar laces
clangors spinning in the lapsed dusk of blood
sprung from the depths now winging through
hammocks and hog troughs, calendars wrapped
with hose decorated with food coloring
bejeweling flavor slappers icy drains cluste
ring against the piano wrist ticking varicose
thumb quasi stokings matched to
labial rumblings off the falling key slab
Dash! Attorney for plaintiff listens groaningly
sloppy like a lunchmeat beret your
cellphone holds or smothers or defeats or
chisels or hoppers or slakes, the damper
clothed, with powers, and stuns
to fret against the least sum of squabble
over turned as lapendectomy spread a
gainst the eye you savored but prized but
lighted yet kept yet kissed yet teamed yet
torn the slugleaf like a finger in the
mode of a soliloquy or sandwich,
spritzer clicking, a silent cheek given
the beak facing oblique direction
stolid stamping on your throat a salad
cluster lessons lessening nonetheless our
coveted silencia or o silicón sobado
soaked the blankets deep in socks
and salt and hamper dust and beads
spendrift corner, heaps of clothes, crust
a fine thing, feathery as dance lifts lunk
age doubly foaming in the steerage
captive, braceleted, briny, brimming thus
smacky like a blink rush, cabled to the shone
pernicular estate (late) sale b/rushing
the sing-dong plandered smirkly to the sud
den throat uncoated long drink of H20 and
pink lemonade, pierced! with combers
for a plectrum rinsed a cowli c
KKKK spattered like salon while
drying spear salmon ice cranked the
lab rinsage while I coughed, you offed the
sliver of a silver page while bested,
and bloated, rubberized like locker air
(birth is over rated) there 2 fundamentaled wasp
why ouch clamp dusted cross the door
you parrot quoth she you benelovent avatic
share cropper purring humpy slather on the
coughing-table bright with resistance wurst
and quite encumbered (bursting with unbraced
lamasries and cornshirt brung the spoon to)
half the wallet (pounced on, spurted, blithery,
dunced, loomed and watered like the
statue in your bathtub painted wheat tub
filled with sardine salad. Tupperware and
colonectomy, your hashbrowns weave to too
few two-toned places tracing shoppers cross the
waves and sandwich peacetext breathish, blandly
as the scoring on the page works in a row
what store bought thighs, camping on the
lighthouse where a scavenger relaxes co-
locally as lockdepth languid limps faced
the dormant wrist flickless thus be-longing
to the feckless fanzine smouldered in
the basement corner like a salad bowl
with chocho in between the leaves, paprika
and dissolving funder spoilered in the
swallows cap the tin shorts sapped with
singular un(du)ress and why not why
sot why got why lot of clinging in
the pockets sprockets, lockets, rochets, clock-
its, cram the armpit hot peppers twitch
ing listing blinging storking plying racing thing
ing linged trust dampner, flabe nor
threes corner dibbly doo wrong win
mints’ glimmer storely like a blade
dumbbell streaking toward the gun
of wool and plexi-fast break homonyms
nor trencher mouths bubbling in the
afternoon past blocks of ice and
close to leaves still learning clamballs
strinking in the suits the hats all wet
with stun and violets unperked now
mingling clambly in the toilet’s mud the
stockings flying out the window
near the tarp of remnants vital and with spark
spackling cracks around the bedroom
cannor hold the noise incessant
squeegee whistles in the mattress
like a sardine held down by lithe-minus
gravity watered slung an dimmed your
vacancy no docile mint leaf, and bends
whistle stoppage in the seep, half a changer
in your soap whose whittlin’ is the copter
flutted over (headlock) headlong (into)
headstrong splinters plandered froth the
squalid treetops brimming in your sun
pointing to mooseheads walled-in at the side of
cubits drinking ham legs tree sunk blades or
pacifist complementary vortex off base laundering
the plunder over tone unless redress coll
apses, pled the lap center whirling (painted
halfway worth the limb it sprinted) on) ham) hen)
holy sweater crumpled in a shoe pressed votively
in chambers (hampering hamsprung strunged
expungent(ly) hip meters (looser washed
(than drain levers (clambered or repudiated
whilst intoning favor after firestorm, although
almost, tempid or tepid, streaming ash
repeats ourselves intact infractional conforming wampum
wafter geld your him thundered, limply ashed
or ascertainted the tint on ivory tulips crunched
beneath the wheel of lotion forecast to be baked
against the grain scrambled mice and thunderheads
protecting warheads the antagons w/
mist upon them (headless) number stumbling
in the walls apart from sidereal clatter
pestered stones and blood, thick shirts scalded
with a stool or temperate like bones of fish
with gauze around the soggy ankles or
was that Angustura? yopen yildly crealily salked
to witness glibness talkily thritner, sped
across the wahter, hamburged, toenailed,
tumbleina like a fruit fly onto tofu and
alighting soon as laughter slaughters
what the pitbull dragged in curlicues and
barbeque and queues done to (a turn,
a tourniquet) as shapely saddle strolling in
the corn for porn and shacks and stream(ers)
like a fantail phonebooth, number luncher,
tests and closets stuffed with pillows
and plantain with taffeta imbued
stones clouds and periods, gasoline
with wild perfume con brio slapping the
corn lodged against your back
w/in and soothing like a venture
to Capri o capitalismo cracking like a beet
fracas with shin splints or consuming cheese
blintz or (business foam

The work of J. S. Murnet has appeared previously in >2: An Anthology of New Collaborative Poetry and Lost and Found Times magazine.

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Blogger Raymond Farr said...

Man, I am diggin what you re flingin!
so bennett escqe! & yet...
knit one
pearl a thousand out the door
& you got spice girls
in other words...yeah! Good poem!

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