Jared Schickling and John Bloomberg-Rissman

Your Transcript / primate 8.3 (cont'd)

12/21/08 2:08 PM

while listening to my Self: while listening to my Self: another
handful of dust on the
grave of the author function.

You dig
Because red is jolly,
      you have red
           in your progress.            BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL, some have said, salt
on the old tintinnabulum, [ ! ] sonic sparks clink, right there by the
obnubilated [ ! ]
orb,       “Cruel as an eye and prime as a time
                Little as a being and large as mistrust” … [DOT DOT DOT] [ DOT ] [ ! ]
& This glamorous unrest, It
has grown one moldy eye, termites are
at home here, readying the trees for weaker meat,
. .
. . . asking a little free fireman
from over sorrowful sick astonishment, i wants to fill up a jar with just one firefly, a
confusion on low burn, there
                            are words our
                                     whole life
                       we say one day                 [ DELETED NOTES ]
                               will have

or new meaning, like organs of discretion. How many die with “This can't be
happening!” on the last lip of their mind? Or, if “war is the umbrella of the world” do I
want to come in out of the rain?


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