Jared Schickling and John Bloomberg-Rissman

Your Transcript / primate 8.3 (cont'd)

12/18/08 7:33 PM

I receive this. Delete                its      [ INSERT DELETED NOTES ]
notes to see                                  it
better, cuz what there is

in line with that is this pup, in my lap, but no
no not at all                     “in my lap” [ …… ]

this new invasion, this squirm in to me [ “TO”…!! ] her labor is her breathing, i hear its
practically hairless lumbering, entered thru her first October, not even close yet to being

the stinking adult such as it is, lounging, in pointlessness, she surely
will, and surely she’ll know, just like her mate, I suppose one of many
young shepherds, American, who in the course of her life
required a beating

not two, not three. just one.

12/18/08 2:18 PM

a primate, maybe, in servitude [ DON’T YOU WORK? ]
and down for repairs
lost in midlife [ OR NOT ] Americas, or dusty, biotic, happy, deadly, profane, or just plain
in the soil and, well hell, no, we won’t, not us the loudest [ “WE WILL” ] music heard
was the
sound of burning bodies quivering in the wind trail
howling through the [ ……… ] from outside,

i loves weather,

once in the inbox, now deleted, neither the
mills of the Gods nor the mortar and pestle of the apothecary can grind out a comprenezvous, a je comprends, the statue grows heavier, the
blue rooms are spaces where nothing, we
search the cities           in ones,

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