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Your Transcript / primate 8.3 (cont'd)






The doctor quote is from Alain Badiou, Ethics; the Hafez is from Shin Yu Pai’s blog Makura No Soshi; A big part … missing: Philip Whalen, ‘Homage to St. Patrick, Garcia Lorca, & the Itinerant Grocer”; Look … light: Anselm Hollo, “Sunset Caboose”. Then some “Random stuff gleaned from recent email or the web or …”: seen … stripes: Nicolas Pesques, Juliology (as brought to i via an email from the lovely Karla Kelsey); With … face: Osip Mandelstam, “Armenia” (tr. Alistair Noon, who shared his unpublished translation …); and yet …: Issa’s most famous poem, on the death of his child; -Please … forgive you: Shin Yu Pai, untitled blog post, 6 Nov 08, at Makura No Soshi; And … ink: Geof Huth, “Crisis and Purpose (A Forty-Seventh Letter to a Young Imaginary Visual Poet)”, blog post, 6 Nov 08, at dbqp: visualizing poetics, except for bread soup … go and (“From … on …): Félix Guattari, “Notes and Journal Entries”, 9/15/72 and “On the Problem of the Power Sign”, in The Anti-Oedipus Papers (ed. Stéphane Nadaud, tr. Kélina Gotman), and shitr, which is Alfred Jarry, Ubu Roi; said … with: Alan Halsey, “Notes on the Chapter of Light Removal”, in Not Everything Remotely]; The Wind: lolabola, “A Visit”, blog post, 26 Oct 2008, at chi POM POm pom; Love … know: Hadewijch, “Song 16” (tr. Judith Wilkinson), as found at Poetry International. Next, some almost entirely computer-generated or apparently computer-generated material. Sources: ### … Time(s) and all… node and i’ll turn$$ and crcrawl crawlwl: Alan Sondheim, “of a future work of posed bodies”, “notes toward a phenomenology of motion-capture manipulation”, “My Shelley Ghost”, “Cocoon”, in Vel; Is … seltzer: David Daniels, “The Flying High Tail Longhorn Gate”, in C T Funkhouser, Prehistoric Digital Poetry: An Archaeology of Forms, 1959-1995; frag-kyire’fe’rence: Loss, Pequeño Glazier “Io Sono At Swoons”, in New Media Poetics: Contexts, Technotexts, and Theories (eds. Adalaide Morris and Thomas Swiss); Whirl-heap blood’s: Jackson Mac Low, “29th Merzgedichte in Memoriam Kurt Schwitters”, in Funkhouser; “city … map”: Jean-Marie Dutey, “Voies de faits”, in Funkhouser; to … water: John Cayley, overboard, in Morris/Swiss; THE … FALL: Jackson Mac Low, “Printout from ‘The’”, in Funkhouser; La mer … sable: Phillipe Bootz, “Amour”, in Funkhouser; while … ghosts: Charles O Hartman, “Seventy-Six Assertions and Sixty-Three Questions”, in Virtual Muse: Experiments in Computer Poetry (i has not corrected the typo as it improves the poem). This is followed by, among other things, some bits from poems in Principal Hand (??) Issue 1, Fall 2008 (eds. Stephen McLaughlin and Jim Carpenter, pub. by for godot.com); Another … function and You … progress: JBR note to “Divined (Autopoiesis 2.6)”; Cruel … mistrust: Eileen Tabios, “Like a publication”; . … . .: Geof Huth, “Garner written outside evidence” (i added the . . . ); asking … astonishment: Ernesto Priego, “A Holland”. After Principal Hand, i turned to The BlazeVOX Big Sample book: BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL … said and salt … old and tintinnabulum: Joel Chace, “Falling Waitress”; sonic sparks clink and the obnubilated orb: Davis Schneiderman, DIS; & … unrest: Mark DuCharme, “Refer to Diagram”; It has grown … eye: Didi Menendez, “A Poem Starting With / A First Line by Dylan Thomas”; termites … trees and for … meat: Evan Willner, “first state: “immediately the urge was on him once more””, “second state”; I … firefly: Lisa Forrest, “Light, Surprising” (slightly modified); a confusion … burn and there are words … mind?: Skip Fox, “In my experience …”, “10. Recombinant to the occasion”. Then: samplings from 30 September 2008’s round of blogs, taken mostly kinda sorta in order. If no post w/today’s date, then no sampling: Yershalaim … investors and Caesar … nowhere: Angela Genusa, “Insanity of the cash flow which goes!”, “Nero fraternized forty-eight tubs”, at Fiddling While Rome Burns; might … time: Nathan Hoks, “Spatula Mouth”, at ars poetica; Well sniff and this lipsticked … way and CANDY: Eileen Tabios, “Tabios For President!”, “I’m a Lesbian Skinhead”, at The Blind Chatelaine’s Keys; ¿precario yoooooo?: Ernesto Priego, “Tunneling Back”, at Never Neutral; Threatening … puree: Geof Huth, “In the Merry Old Land of the Second Half of N/O” (except for the word hermaphroditic, which comes from another source entirely), at dbqp: visualizing poetics; . … . (vertically) and the necrotic … of and “sluttish … out”: Tim Atkins, “Sonnet 20”, and Jen Bervin’s vision/version of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 55, as quoted in Ron Silliman’s “review” of The Reality Street Book of Sonnets (ed. Jeff Hilson), and Silliman himself, at Silliman’s Blog; and of half/less_ness and research … cells: Anny Ballardini, “Kazimir Malevich”, “Character C”, at Thrownnest. Finally, among other things, some more bits from BlazeVOX Books’ Big Sample book: A primate … America, or and dusty … not us: Joe Amato, “Amber lords, must we tell you this”, in Finger Exorcised; the loudest … bodies: mIEKAL aND, Bystander: An Irreality; quivering … trail and howling … outside: Sandy Baldwin, “[basic systems code]” (first of “Two by Gully Foyle”), in I Did the Weird Motor Drive; I … weather: something close to what Kathy B-R said to i this morning, just before the rain, which i caught on the way to and from Pasadena, where i bought Andrea Hurst, Derrida Vis-à-vis Lacan; once … deleted: Aaron Belz, “Leaf”, in The Bird Hoverer; neither … act and comprenezvous: Daniel Borzutsky, “Sexual Knowledge”, “Are Nudists Nuts”, in The Ecstasy of Capitulation; the statue … heavier and we … ones: Chad Sweeney, An Architecture, 1, 5; the blue … nothing: Patrick Chapman, “American Singularity”, in A Shopping Mall on Mars. Some of the appropriations referred to in these notes do not appear in the text.

Jared Schickling's work has appeared in some magazines and journals, and he's had two books with BlazeVOX, submissions (2008) and Aurora (2007). Most recently he's had a review/essay in Jacket 36, work forthcoming in Bombay Gin and Ecopoetics,and a translation of Moroccan poet Abdellatif Laabi in Circumference. He's on the editorial staffs of the Colorado Review, New American Press, and Reconfigurations.

John Bloomberg-Rissman's most recent publications are No Sounds Of My Own Making, World0, and (forthcoming) A Spectrum of Other Instances. His work is anthologized in The Hay(na)ku Anthology Vol. II. His current projects are editing the anthology 1000 Views Of "Girl Singing", constructing the interminable Autopoiesis, and piecing together what's going to be a long poem in hay(na)ku, the month old Flux, Clot & Froth. He is co-editor of Leafe Press. You can catch him in action at Zeitgeist Spam.

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