John M. Bennett

Hole Spray

spray the corner of yr thought bundle
sock the corner of yr tube glisten
pay the corner of yr cob mister
scum the corner of yr howl number
flay the corner of yr bile sauce
set the corner of yr leg whistle
bray the corner of yr fog handle
skip the corner of yr mile dangler
stray the corner of yr knob duster
sink the corner of yr bobbled lap
say the corner of yr needed hole

Rafale Rafale

rafale rafale seau seau ruelle ruelle ordre ordre

ruelle ruelle heure heure patère patère vider vider

patère patère sinon sinon puant puant cheveau cheveau

puant puant balcon balcon pie pie couler couler

pie pie horloge horloge retirer retirer stop stop

retirer retirer spasme spasme usé usé chaque chaque

usé usé oreille oreille soutien soutien patate patate

soutien soutien ça ça assis assis plein plein

assis assis plomb plomb ni ni manteau manteau

ni ni icône icône soif soif tâter tâter

soif soif soda soda grimace grimace grève grève

grimace grimace injecté injecté dans dans inceste inceste

dans dans genoux genoux oral oral porc porc

oral oral croupe croupe rafale rafale seul seul

Flash Sandwich

flash soldier or a stump blink
use soldier or a plot limper
crash soldier or a net drinker
loose soldier or a glob tundra
splash soldier or a blood temper
choose soldier or a neck light
gash soldier or a nested rock
muse soldier or a bunk sander
hash soldier or a bent femur
booze soldier or a sum dental
lash soldier or a blow sandwich

Burn Mirrors

burn the bush in your intestine
burn the cloud in your invective
burn the lumber in your armpit
burn the chain in your collaboration
burn the bombing in your garage
burn the spitbucket in your enhancement
burn the sneering in your lunch box
burn the meat in your sombrero
burn the crystal in your negation
burn the blindness in your mirrors

me no

bug me

flag me

no me






tore “my” thread


chewing ,trading


blot of gristle

lamp sore

tree of soap

Gas Clocks

gas and laundry ,crust and pocket ,stage
a groped light severation as you wander
in the gusty socks and pages ,sloped right
feveration glowing hat and rice so fast so
wondered past the dust and locks the cages’
roped fight numeration slowing ,slowing that
grand lice or mast of plunder blasts the
busted clocks

Hissing Watch

wash my leg ,trunce foam ,gust of
tables crashed against the water
wall my regulance ,bones of just cabled to
the cash ants faltered like a glistened
tire ,stall me ,egg my pants ,phones or
dust shaved or rash glance watered ,dry
,listened to a wire fall ,begs ,danced
,groans and’s crusted in yr navel ,splash chance
you buttered flies and hissing

Nor End

end dink end mile end pouring end hick end
boob end knife end load end drying
end cash end dull end mead end sinker end
sugar end glob end tire end door
end nit end goal end snore end fulsome end
dottle end mud end ash end cup
end kite end door end nod end hint end
bull end mute end screech end flag
end pots end skunk end bush end need end
knob end dumb end moat end glint
end pinkle end hummer end sot end meal end
dent end sore end rant end nor

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