Marcia Arrieta

sand drifts

transitions are difficult
repeats are a problem

the road is the hawk
is the oak is the sea

we wait
we travel

the sculpture of wood
the sculpture of stone

is the game random /
                               is random the game ?

on the outer rim

mist & yellow ginkgo leaves

who exactly is the chess master?

10,000 hours

10,000 miles

why the 10 years rule?

the mist is vast

why not 5, 7, 20?

the gingko trees are almost bare

i will take the chunk theory

& create fragments

fragments & leaves & bare branches

where we learn our moves. fearless.

apart from the structure apart from the board

one move ahead. blindfolded.

life in progress

construction deconstruction physics & time herons & alphabets
curiosity interference a story many stories eliminate nothing
eliminate everything examine the concept immediate suspension
boxes & stars crosscurrents do not forget compassion 2:47 dimension
possibly think of

within parenthesis

outside the variables



the artist as tree

the verbs few

battleground art



image the sea

words as

the movement

through stone

—taken as—

in relation


in reply to:

Marcia Arrieta writes: "the bio as the life seems rather at a standstill these days—although i continue to create an occasional poetry collage or three. the tao of pooh & a wrinkle in time are comforting as is the talk of the wild green parrots. poems are forthcoming in alba, karamu, enamel, jack, & word for/word."

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