Paul Siegell


my guitar

                instantaneous eloquent archway

                                                             > guitars bring
is older than I am
                                                             > it on
it was on this earth

                                                             > like a bowl
before I was
                                                             > of weed would

                lend me your linguistic ninja

but whomever
                                                             > yeah, we need
had it first
                                                             > to keep some

                unrivet the steel morning supports

never used it,
                                                             > extra strings
just let the wood age

                yo, check out this ridiculous blow tube

                                                             > around
and mature

                haven’t used one a-these since college

*kaleidoscope for fishing pole*

                              i’ll be right back
                              wait for me

                              free Mahi Mahi

                              10 send 11 LPs—

                              send 11 LPs
                              courtesy of “Steve”


                              i’ll be right back
                              wait for me

                              free Mahi Mahi

                              10 send 11 LPs—

                              send 11 LPs
                              guaranteed to please

*kaleidoscope for Styrofoam*
                —for Seth Borenstein, AP Science Writer
“That's important

the Arctic acts
the Arcti acts
the Arct acts
the Arc acts
the Ar acts
the A acts
the    acts

as a refrigerator
for the globe.”


               “Az                     ri                              el,
               go tell

               Gar                     ga                             mel

               Smurf                got                           hurt.
               We need

               a                          new                         spell—

We need him well again.”

               “As                     long                         as
               it’s for

               good                  not                            for

               Gar                     ga                              mel
               lent an

               out                     stretched                hand—

“I understand, Peter Pan.”

*the reggae hay(na)ku*

to get
the message out”

Paul Siegell is the author of Poemergency Room (Otoliths Books, 2008) and the e-chap J∆M> (ungovernable press 2008), and the "parking lot attendant" over at ReVeLeR @ eYeLeVeL. He is a staff editor at Painted Bride Quarterly, and has contributed to The American Poetry Review, MiPO, BlazeVOX, Coconut and other fine journals. HEADS UP/COMING SPRING '09: his new book, jambandbootleg.

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