Raymond Farr

Zeitgeist Flower Poem

Of world is glue.
This north.
Of mumbled. Firewall of.
Baudelaire he is.

A Pablo. On Meth.
Unshoe’d between.
-junkie. /Pop Realist / Subtext phenomenologist.
Dealing digital Lost Paradise.
To things vanishing
Wastrel Post Language Beat verse.
Bashed in by.
alt. crusoe.
admonishes: Something whiter than white noise.
Googles yr name.
Something greyer than grey matter.
Stalks you all night.

Now it’s out onto Ronk St.
:heather shapely argent spheres.
This is amerika!
Sweet misery of tvs.
& little dollar hula hoops.
Real time. Endless starry dynamos.
Up the asshole.
Of faking it.

Deep in.
‘re cannibals’ meringue songs.
Winched Olympiads.
Aping madness schizoid loose change.
Conditional(random zeitgeist secret flowers brooding.
:the answer is.
:the ???s are.

adders in chew lye

Ho Chi Minh nite lite props itself improperly
Lagging shadows against egg white man & son & sink
Walking peril –slanted LOCKOUT —up trail of tears

Reentry gumball Kentuckian ( , ) capsule inhibitor
Devolves mr neck bones’ collateral tale to blob-monstrosity
Forever connected / disconnected
To cost-hawking PROCESSOR 66 vixen-sonneteers
Tapered to reference ( , ) as/KING TOILET wallops goat index
Turning turntables adjust their spins counterclockwise

as Mingus annealed in the mourning morning
Shatters patellae / ankles for day dreams count up his box tops
Gaping mango salad fictional Fifth Columns
Forfeit 5 foot trolley bridge— ablaze in blue marrow
Hold spiral jetty (—the span of a wok—& Waldorf the Bambi accountable
Ranting: irpo , irpo ( , )unstably south vs. foot itching

The menu of lovers’ angst is put off delirium
&over a barrel
& sinking for shadows
Their flux is a beak is a tulip is a phial of Strontium 90
Their phone w/SANG REAL exchange
Rings up errata
This main liner Mingus / if ruin he dominos
(not minus but silent
(not ipecac but someone who asks:


Abalone TXan Suite

Non-purple-ous-ex-FUTURISM Metes grand Fusionary

Inquires of trope endive: what flatten’d doom-field’d escrow at juncture
Is too luster & blonde a dalliance?

[Must vent/ok/ok/] enhanced juncture
[Must speed/ok/ok/] derivative displacement

If insensate mr cud arms PRIORrecesses comma
Cocks powder difficulty sixtysix trigger till
jinksy kenster, jon marrdenta, & ace “canister” munroe’re
12s in wales…

do.p.in.man. (o.live.asstissnt.to.)
Empire-Italia’s IVth turbine blurt tanguy?

Then arrives lynch pin pianola
& [elle] Hester Prynne, con trail


Dear Penultimate,

blistered TIME is oracular
existence / lawn tractor humming bird tunes
John Deere getting freedom ringing
peninsulas over
beetles’ banging hearts, going & going,
AM thru midnight train
Until seizures Canada & lite salt
doodle Coptic Xmen sport socks sheep & fitted swimwear
Dead monorails due east of spur line
Punctuate state pen names
Abalone TXan ciphered in
sad little glue

Yrs truly,

Dear Barney,(sic)

: Dude, yr brakes are dis-fielded
Char luggage metallic bat Athabascan ezraLbite arrives toot sweet,
Arrives gloomy/fluffy hen rookery
Patching wobbling/weebling
Out takes

Signed: CHINOOKchinee
Bleeding till fury

P. S.
Scene with patella
Scene with follicle

P. P. S.
A ton
Of what implies:
Fix this quickset/mindset

HAVENLY HAVENlybubble gum
Chaws stickermad

                               PILTDOWN via

Scrwal’d juncture Tas-Tee-Freeze
(lect                A spur line dripping choco-dip icing

Spins &whizzes sss

I dote on harlequins
I quantify

I nerve ending

as juncture spans guile
less nththan      s    p    a    n    s    guile



Raymond Farr lives in Ocala, FL. His work appears most recently in Cannot Exist, Sidebrow Anthology #1, SUCCESS: Chimera: I Am My Own Twin, Xstream, Venereal Kittens, Little Red Leaves & Otoliths. His echap is up at www.Dusie.org For info on his free self published chaps visit http://mjonesrview.blogspot.com.

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