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19 feb:SF

this morning I took down from the front of the fridge a portrait of Joan Blondell from a 1937 Picturegoer which Ira Joel Haber sent me & replacd it with a 1998 portrait of Jonathan Rhys Meyers from the pages of Jane. in the process I got the idea to use the discards for a series of envelope collages.

1.       Joan Blondell    sent to Ruud Janssen    26 feb
2.       Jonathan Rhys Meyers     sent to Rex Booth    26 feb
3.       Carmen Miranda    sent to Bernique Longley    27 feb
4.       Evelyn Nesbit    sent to Sebastian Boyd Grim    11 mar
5.       Samuel M. Steward    sent to Soren Phillip    13 mar
6.       Gloria Grahame    sent to Antonio Torres    15 mar
7.       Antonio Banderas    sent to P. Craig Russell    20 mar
8.       Marianne Moore    sent to Maggie Anderson    2 apr
9.       Kurt Schwitters    sent to Mark Bloch    5 apr
10.     Thomas Lloyd    sent to Jim Provenzano    12 apr
11.     Christina Ricci    sent to Guy Ambrosino    14 apr
12.     Chavela Vargas    sent to Cynthia Mayer Pramuk    18 may
13.     Casper Van Dien    sent to T. R. Queen    20 may
14.     Richard Harrison    sent to Michael Linder    25 may
15.     Helen Morgan    sent to Martha Braun    27 may
16.     Ricky Martin    sent to Richard Martin    2 jun
17.     Brendan Fraser    sent to Jonathan Williams    7 jun
18.     Piper Laurie    sent to Michael Brittain    8 jun
19.     Rufus Wainwright    sent to Jean-Claude van Itallie    11 jun
20.     Kristen Chenoweth    sent to Arthur Yanoff    16 jun
21.     Pete Duel    sent to James Robert Parish    6 jul
22.     Buddy Holly    sent to Ned Sublette    9 aug
23.     Alfred Hitchcock    sent to Roberto Marquez    30 aug
24.     Armistead Maupin    sent to Mark Jamison    24 sep
25.     Carter Burwell    sent to Alfred Cavaretta    12 oct
26.     Alexander von Humboldt    sent to Jesse Wood    14 oct
27.     Esther Williams    sent to Regina Yando    30 oct
28.     David Hockney    sent to Linda Lyke    1 nov
29.     Stephen Sondheim    sent to Stanley Krippner    12 nov
30.     Ramon Novarro    sent to Tom Shales    16 nov
31.     Robert Altman    sent to Tom Beckett    20 nov
32.     Bill Viola    sent to Coby Leed    30 nov
33.     Louis Falco    sent to Joel Singer    4 dec
34.     Marie Windsor    sent to Richard Myers    9 dec
35.     Pedro Almodovar    sent to Howard Erlichman    12 dec
36.     Margaret Hamilton    sent to Alicia Metcalf Miller    20 dec
37.     Andy Warhol    sent to Helen & Al Gildzen    31 dec

2 Jars

jar # 1
paper label:
peach spread
Hotel Limpia
fort davis TX

geodesic dome souvenir pin Expo 67 Montreal 1967
prop bullet from “92 in the Shade” from Linda Lyke 1974
turkey wishbone given to Dimitri by my mother after dinner on his first visit to
          Elyria 1987
Hotel Grande Bretagne soap Athens 1992
pack of Juicy Fruit purchasd at Wrigley’s El Rancho Escondido on Catalina Island

jar # 2
paper label:
Pumpkin Butter
Kudzu Bakery
Georgetown SC

Eugene McCarthy presidential campaign button 1968
Tom & Mary’s Bar key ring Columbus circa 1975
Tony Awards souvenir program light 1983
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame I.D. bracelet Cleveland 1997
chocolate Easter egg with word “talus” on an attachd tag from my first Santa Fe
          reading 2001


1.       touch silver billows
2.       retinas swell with lust
3.       whose men draw bows
4.       drool on boscage
5.       in cinema truck erotism
6.       papaya juice dripping from kalongs
7.       increase jockstrap militancy
8.       crocodile on dialysis
9.       shouting forks
10.     on slivers of pillows
11.     cajole me with pistachios
12.     roosters of discord
13.     radical radio habituation
14.     concordance of vichyssoise
15.     under monazite
16.     discobolus gossip
17.     whose cage shatters
18.     bok choy on a windowsill
19.     retaining last smell
20.     emergency to teach

Alex Gildzen lives on the edge of an arroyo which means about every five years he has waterfront property.

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