Anne Gorrick

The Odyssey at Rokeby
after a reading by Charles Stein in December 2008

A                                  Classical statues broke the river into pieces of winter
                                     The Catskills: a dangerous slate, glanced
common                   The sky marked underfoot with four directions
                                      over disastrous gardens
deer                             An enclosure worked with hearts
                                      A common deer, divided from itself
                                      outside a weak entry, locked doors, a crystal balustrade
                                      Suddenly a door opens
divided                       pieces of furniture moldering in ancient heat
                                      A bed of geraniums spitting their shriveled sheets
from                             A big room of yellow-stay-pale, yellow stayed pale
                                      19th century portraits hung on wire and more modern portraits
itself                             hung on wire of apparently the same people, 200 years old

An alchemical parabola
As if all the deposed royalty of Latvia
arranged to meet 40 years after the revolution
on December 14, 2008
Several balloons silver plated
a birthday dangled from the high ceiling
Our oars broke the glass in the windows
and we rowed a “deep broken salt.”
Together, we failed Greek composition
and the power to suffer risk

divided                       With the river in it, winter broke its glance at the Catskills
                                      met in dangerous extent
                                      Where the edge moves to the sky
                                      and signs were attached
                                      A miserable garden sealed high
from                            A common male deer, beheaded, divided from its own movement
                                      A 19th century porch, wickered in
its                                 branch knitted workmanship
                                      The door and enormous
                                      Furniture made out of time, deteriorates
own                              Sudden heat and the bed
                                      A large geranium it’s wrinkled spat
                                      Portraits supplied with yellow stay thin
movement                as if the large room was suddenly caught by wire

Furthermore, the same people in appearance overlay
in wire, an alchemical parable
Way royalty everyone where Latvia settles
an agreement on December 14, 2008
The silverwear in plural baloons
birthdays dangled from the ceiling
Salt where we are deep and broken
The failure of the Greek constitution
the power to suffer dangerously

game                           The river winters in our former concerns
                                      Statues and a defective view of the Catskills
                                      Bluestone indicates an attachment to the sky
                                      The miserable garden is highly sealed
separated                  The red game separated from its head
                                      divided from its movements
from                            Centuries, furniture and knitting
                                      The technical skills evident in the address
                                      Locked doors supplied a weak entry to individual parts
                                      Furniture, which the old times, if the door spends
its                                which you opened, over suddenly to worsen the bed heated up
                                      If the large pelargonie approached to break your lower jaw
                                      The century was clearly supplied with yellow
head                            thinly in large areas, caught in wire

The same people, their appearance overlaid
in a wire, alchemical parable
Latvia agrees on December 14, 2008 at Rokeby
The silver plural in balloons, birthdays in view
They rowed in view of salt, in which are deep and were defective
The Greek condition suffers dangerously

Generally                  In the winter, its agos statue-related
                                      in the slightest defect of the Catskills:
                                      a volatile river view
                                      because of its edge, the Hudson and the sky
                                      An indication of the upper reaches of migration, enclosed
it                                   A pitiful garden surrounds the center, possibly makes use of it
                                      Generally it is because a masculine red competition
                                      has separated the deer’s head
                                      Plastic separates its movements into stillness
                                      Address knitted to technical skill
is                                   part 19th century, part furniture
                                      An arm’s rest, locked faces with each other
                                      Furniture, former days, if the gate expended
                                      you open, the heat worsens. Suddenly the bed
because                     is wound with a deer’s lower jaws

A portrait of the building
supplied by yellow stays in a thin wide range
caught in wire
Moreover concerns the day
Everybody’s way is payment
Latvia agrees with December 14, 2008, agrees with it
in revolutionary conference, later in Rokeby
The balloons’ silver plural numbers
Because he rowed in salt, we are profound
in slight defect
The Greek situation stays behind and suffers dangerously

that                             In the statue of winter, a temporary river of opinion
                                      The Catskills fast in their defects
                                      We meet in degree, in dangerous fields
                                      Because of the slate edges, then the sky
separates                   Superior migrations closed the lamentable garden
                                      stamped highly
                                      Generally, it is a masculine red competition
the head                     that separates the head from its address
                                      Weak entrances, thick partitioned walls
from                            You open up previous days
                                      and that aggrevates a sudden heat in the bed
its address                 which is namely the lower jaw nearest the wound

We build a picture of the 19th century
a sojourn in yellow, a fine wide scale stopped in wire
200 years of a handful of identical people
Rokeby delayed by December
They lined up in salt

separated                  The Catskills volatile prospects are imperfect in winter
                                      the river where previous mimics worry
                                      The sky indicates misery
                                      A general separated from his own motion
from                             in 19 bites
                                      The centuries and furniture of technical personnel
                                      An attachment to the personal knits this address
its                                 This yearly you writes and deteriorates the bed
                                      which in case, comes to be hot
own                              Suddenly little by little time passes over the furniture
                                      Says again the pelargonie stamped in low-end compliance
motion                       which is big and breaks

A lifelike portrait rebuilds the 19th century
The century in yellow stays caught in wire thinly
The lifelike portrait of a building
worries about the appearance of wire
and it, the mouth (him) is indentical
Alchemy in parables in 2008: Latvia
makes a motion on December 14th, in the place which makes a motion
in Rokeby
Balloons justiced in condensed water
We have been deeply stirred in salt, imperfect, cut
The Greek condition to leave, them dangerously

Permanence            The Catskills are imperfect with winter
                                      the river precedes them like concern
                                      It is hard to meet in the dangerous width
                                      Of him that sticks directions onto slate
sealed                        Movement which has in it a sky, an indication
                                      Permanence sealed and unwrapped
                                      The male which is generally separated from his own movement
                                      The centuries attached to furniture
and                              a technical knitting to addresses
                                      This annual door, you, writes and deteriorates
                                      The bed which if, would come down to be hot
                                      suddenly little by not very old
                                      passes over more furniture
unwrapped               The bottom-of-the-chin range in him breaks

The century stayed yellow, tangled in wire
The portrait of your concern
wired him to his own mouth
Identical, parabolic, alchemical
Royalty deposited
Fact moves in December 14, 2008
all delivery and method holding at Rokeby
the condensation of justice, text, salt
deeply cut and imperfect

Our                               It is imperfect and winter simultaneously
                                      The dangerous width of Rokeby’s fields
                                      movements invested with the sky’s edge
                                      Joyful, permanent, sealed
                                      Our movements wrapped in plastic
wrapped                     Centuries and furniture are an appendix to this luxurious decay
                                      Your hand forbidden on the staircase
in                                  This every year’s gate you write, and you worsen the bed
                                      The approximate bottom-of-the-chin range tallies with him
plastic                         broke greatly against his realistic portrait

The century in yellow stays seized by wire
Portraits all the mouth of the same person
The emperor’s clan is laid aside
The fact of December 14, 2008 arriving at Rokeby
All payments made to the revolution
By then, they merge in perfect salt, in deep place sums
in depth and the reductions in salt

bitten                          Is it possible to be both winter and imperfect in the Catskills?
                                      The erasable prospect found in the river
                                      the dangerous width of the world’s field
                                      The sky displays our movements,
                                      not the glad permanent personnel sealed inside
into                              Our centers wind us up
                                      Before the stage sucked out motion
                                      we bite into the place
                                      the appendix stick
                                      Cooling systems, the stinging niche knitting this address
                                      The stairway forbade our hands, it’s crystal balustrade omitted
place                           This each year’s gate, you write and worsen your own bed

A sudden old runs through the furniture
stamped with designated affairs
A fallow century of yellow stays, seized in wire
200 years portrait the same mouth
We formed a government on December 14, 2008 at Rokeby
All payments for the revolution condense in silver balloons
birthdays in increase
“Thereby mixing the imperfect salt, a summation in place, depth
and the reduction of salt…”
We suffer in our poetic nationalisms

The                              The cancelable prospect found in the Hudson
                                      as if there could be a cure in broken statues
                                      Rokeby: this place formed in bites
cancelable                The winterburned grid: the garden
                                      Consequently there is a realistic construction
                                      of the 19th century in yellow
                                      The function of paint and the mouth
prospect                    resistance and suffering

It is an imperfect Catskills winter
canceling all prospects in the Hudson
The winter will break statues classically
along the dangerous widths of the world
Four valleys spilled with a milky sky
beyond our locomotion
Our stamped happy permanent personnel
The century and its technical difficulties:
refrigeration, burned mesh, prohibitive scale
This is the gate of the new year and it writes us down
Furniture is no longer a process, the stamp
that indication a physical transaction
Big parts and big tillage

our                               On this yellow evening, all mouths are the same
                                      an exercise in our own portraiture
own                             Rokeby assembles itself on December 14, 2008
                                      in reduction, resistance, suffering
portraiture               in that “deep broken salt”

Anne Gorrick's poetry has previously appeared in many journals including: American Letters and Commentary, Bird Dog, Coconut, the Cortland Review, Dislocate, eratio, Fence, Fish Drum, For Immediate Release, Glitterpony, Good Foot, Gutcult, Heaven Bone, Hunger Magazine, MiPOesias, No Tell Motel, Petroglyph (Utah State University), RealPoetik, the Seneca Review, Situation, Shearsman, the South Carolina Review (University of South Carolina), Sulfur, word for/word, and Yellow Silk. Her first full-length book of poetry, Kyotologic, was published in Fall 2008 by Shearsman Books (Exeter, UK).

She writes: "My work inhabits a space embodying both place and machine, and is informed by living near New York's Hudson River my whole life. I also am captivated by all kinds of mechanical gardens - trains and their tracks, cars, tools, senseless metals. I am currently working on a series of poems that are experiments with translation engines, creating sense into nonsense back into sense again. I am hostage to the accident, the fragment, the unexpected. The experience of putting language through a mechanical process makes words more into things and then somehow more malleable, more surprising."

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