Ashley Capes


                     we’re charcoal pressure
                   along a white line - lights roll by -
           so happy so far
                               the rags come too, we
                   give the clock a head start this time
                             glove and gun, snap
                   and snap, shop and stock

   it’s only 9:30 but 6am is too close already
                             and god i love her but
                             she hurts and i can’t fix everything
myself / what can i do for her face
                                                                                     when it falls
                                                                           to the floor
                                                         sweep and cradle / milk in the
                   morning and guilt with TV, chariots bursting
         into flames of red rose, the arms of athens
(crushing white)
heave over the bowl
                   in middle of the road, going for ok
                   but not really there, slipping and calling
butterfly blinking
                             watching me unpack with little twitches
                   of pollen, gold rainbows / in the mirrors
                   better teeth than i dealt myself

                                                         [like a deck of 2s - the wine
                           is sour in his hands where the cup sways
                      where the garden opens - snepo - tuo]
    & at once
                   the pressure
                   comes again, a hand on the back of my neck
                   cat’s paw ripping up the walls / white rice
                           going clear
                   and the deep blue of carpet
                           sucking up all the smiles all the music
                                 leaving                     leaking
                                               leaking                     leaving

Ashley Capes teaches Media and English in Australia, while co-editing www.holland1945.net.au and http://kipplepoetry.blogspot.com/. His first collection of poetry pollen and the storm was published with the assistance of Small Change Press in 2008 and his second stepping over seasons will be published by Interactive Press 2010.

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