Felino Soriano

Antithetical Understandings

The parable spoke toward
easy acceptance of human
dichotomies. For within the
human’s textured voice,
myriad options keep colors
blowing a wind
close to existence, evocative of
damage or brushing off dust to reveal
the beautified layer of smiling
oceans. Relevance
understands walking through
towns of faces unknown,
yet identifying with the mannerisms
of bodily functions. Beneath
the canopy of several shading
willows, a type of light continues
to articulate, slicing the ground with
circular sores, sadness-shaped,
as if to proclaim dominance exists
in all circumstances, even when wanting
to ascertain the disposition of relaxation:
the clone of perseverating over lack
of proper sleep.

Felino Soriano (California) is a case manager working with developmentally and physically disabled adults. He is the editor of the online journal, Counterexample Poetics, which focuses on International interpretations of experimental poetry, art, and photography. He is the author of three chapbooks Exhibits Require Understanding Open Eyes (Trainwreck Press, 2008), Feeling Through Mirages (Shadow Archer Press, 2008), Abstract Appearance Reaching Toward the Absolute (Trainwreck Press, 2009) and an e-book Among the Interrogated (BlazeVOX [books], 2008). The juxtaposition of his philosophical studies with his love of classic and avant-garde jazz explains his poetic motivation. Website: www.felinosoriano.com.

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