Glenn R. Frantz

Outlines Sweetened

arms thrifty breaking weaken keep the ashes shadows of
machine drying different weaken keep the spires midst of
power smoke sweaty weaken pass the speed hazy of

few drag when are burnt which this of timbers burn machinery
few stood when are grown which this of stuffings grew curtains

crow will bolt the one from a provide.
blow will hammer the one from a blow.
not and mill added 1/2 to rise to

turpentine dyed,
cut into planks,
paste will step the one from a absorb.
to get had molten who bitter steeping had.

like stick forest was tangled sticky for
to narrow envy was bored narrowly for

cut into pitfalls,
to be will twine who inches actually will.

in cracked froth was jumbles crackly by the
few work when are peeled which this of spillway peel river

by curved basin was fingered curvy like the
few scratch when are divided which this of laugh divide surprise

outlines sweetened,
cut into garlands,
not and clatter cross 1/2 to sway to
not and pumpkin trust 1/2 to hung to

Shingle Over

Floor a side the cheapness on floodhound of afrailroad,
poppy gown the from each of knockery,

deal the rotted at keep,
the pierceness of out mately evil,
know dilemma of your contriven in.
Know fire of your silts in.

Dwell a less the till on unding of institude,
duty beds the from tin of questimony,

frame the mail at belong,
demanage the centry at infalls,
the profunding of out misstretched gowns,
the sleep of out quadruple said,
know visitory of your outsides in.

Confounded By Inference

The supernatural is a licorice. I believe you have the kitchen at Christmas, let garlands bottles tangle of an extraordinary energy that genially threatens, warm as a landlord and carelessly as an ice-box. It will be effected in hissing abstractions, eating greedily: Flocks of cocoa dimensions, beans in circumference. Three teacups full of snow-white pictures.

It has been comprehensible only to an incomprehensible investigator, because there I practically exactly the apparently stand space smashed. For my eyes met, and science used to his eyes were used to a kaleidoscope. I've been done for what they stood there will not be utterly sketchy and went away, however serious the grateful buffaloes, fascinating as Lincoln and thick like popcorn wool. He'll cut his gloved head and indeed we should be getting on wigs and staggered around him from his advice. But this was to comb out.

The open door fits like a bad vest. In the yard, horses slam. They will strike many as an expression of boards hit hard, where his eye went blundering noisily. He was a chicken in a shouting coat, a boomerang, and I was a symbolic outfit of his haste. There would pursue the agricultural compliments office to treat myself. It's not merely in their trade. It's inefficiency. I realized very justly the invisible values of humorists.

Glenn R. Frantz is from southeastern Pennsylvania (USA). His poetry has appeared in several online publications; most recently in 3by3by3, Great Works, Sawbuck, Otoliths (#9), and Exultations & Difficulties.

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