Marcia Arrieta

toward visibility

the water is clear.    the fish are harmonious.    remember the farm.    always the earth
& the gardens to be tended.    the ladder reaches the sky in a summer of gradually.

still.    silent.    the water.    minds on the edge.    minds as inspire.    the number four
becomes the number five.    tomorrow I will move to the farm.

sketch the trees.    complete the collage.    be careful of people who tell you how to write.
create constellations.    the water is the path.    sun & sky simultaneous.

floating objects

center off    detail summer    art & language    conversation    travel    island    desert

books    the heart    sangre    liberty    architecture    space    palms    eyes    caves    seeds

memory    presence    void    repose    astronomer    poet    far-infrared telescope

shift sight    the behavior of gravity    hidden dimensions    mysterious migration

five hundred wooden tops    water & ultraviolet light    art & science    theory    love

survival—vague articulation

there is a bear hidden in the cabin. water the morning glories. drink coffee.
today there is identity in a book of physics. in a quote by picasso.
dimensions—truth. parallel islands intersect. in the land of great loneliness (milosz).
circles. squares. instinct. instinguere—impulse. also instinctus—instigation.
there is a map of the world folded in a bridge made of trees

after reading noguchi

“All manifestations are extensions of geometry, more & less complex.”
           -Isamu Noguchi

clay. wood. metal.

sculpture of a wave.

the stones hold themselves together.

I write poems in clouds

waves of resistance—parallel. fragile. particles of light. japanese poems.
teresa of avila. thomas aquinas. deep the foliage. luminous the whatsoever.
like the red chair in snow. unlearn the language. unknot the heart. penetrate
the echo. through

Marcia Arrieta writes: "i am a ; in the canyon, currently inspired by manguel's the library at night & the dictionary of imaginary places. my recent work has appeared in a capella zoo, jack magazine, blueprint review, csq, snow monkey, & alba. i edit and publish indefinite space. collage & art are vital as is music."

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