Obododimma Oha

Dancing Flames

The desire of a tongue of fire peaks
Upon a charitable dark

Changing postures, as speech
Loses its power, burns away the shyness

A gathering feeling
To howl, skywards

A hand of healing lifted
From consumed breath & exotic noises

Then, this animal squat on dying spell
And flat urgency

Sprouting intense myths
Of fulfilled energies

(images captured on Motorola Razor camera phone)

Obododimma Oha teaches Semiotics, Stylistics, and Creative Writing in the Department of English, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. His poems have been published in Portal, Otoliths, Shadowtrain, Postcolonial Text, Foggedclarity, African Writing Online, Agenda, etc. Featured recently as guest poet in Issue 152 of Envoi, he co-edited While the He/Art Pants: Poetic Responses to the 2008 American Elections, an online anthology, with Anny Ballardini. Blog: http://udude.wordpress.com/ . Email: udude@full-moon.com , mmanwu@go.com .

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