Ross Brighton

“Words and Sounds for Nothing”


bell, fruitful, only in no      store time.

                again, sucked none
little a then in but there.

always I diversity.

“Were out a from over, kitty”.

been, have what myself, of from it sure.

thoughts is and there but without
be a nothing to midsummer’s
but hope come silence.

Sitting with as machines
I as Shreds coming pockets
                               it if theatrical,
It the earnestness, a nobody.

order no, I opposite life
relapse to my ragged own.

It in it.

no, did night hiding,
land      counterpane my to …

We thought As it die pockets if surf.
natural. “as window”.

that not cold.

that holding while first,
                have my usual.

it just past, I my so,
the come shall of which certain feet
be is clutter sufficiently.

do filled?                no.

greatcoat,              grave
need I explain.

while for outstretched
could was have The know,
to matter.

my balloon.

were by to it’s them
go back the weather hour.

sucked shed the spirals.


strong, say things
like the him to my when
of at than me I am Of certain sighs
or Source delusions.


Denied shall before
against that           Pom!

the small different
like harsh for that
claws this pay working.

vanished brute deep
from feel but and night
I anything.

then pocket them that is from me.

Wretched the darkness
Its perfect smiling little.

birds knew rapture here,
I greatcoat, another for once
sleep the head.

That I on struggled
in sun thought in wall.

without of game,
straightway at otherwise,
rearranged always little
about not on end.

time before stretched or escaped so.


knowing suppose
lead be prey,
what for the No.

Without nevertheless
this one was I to enough.


often the last little right from would
There a there to right of am
to drenched the soon of evening.

Ross Brighton's work, both creative and critical, has previously appeared in or is forthcoming from Catalyst, Prima Storia, thejohndoryreport and the Christchurch Press, and his debut chapbook A Pelt, a Shrub, a Soil Sample is forthcoming from Neoismist Press.

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