Joel Chace


nearly a reprise                               shorter          even                previous

darkness                        darkness                               several beats       as

dim as possible                                              /                          narrow

cot                                              tiny cell                          chemical                motionless

toilet         table              folding chair                                                 /                hands

to forehead         hand to                               eye                /                          this scene

this effort                                                                            considerable                 rendered

/                                                                                                                         coming to             /

and this time                                                                                                    the weeping


weeping                  still                /                     on a hanging

ceiling cord                          light bulb           /           small

table and tray of food                          /        hands along

the doorless walls                     /             a note                   best

interests at heart             what your life             who you

are                      the fact             the release                      folded

fear             confusion                                     face to face

/             despite the still doorless                 the weeping still

Joel Chace's latest chapbook, A Script, was recently published by Otoliths Books.

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