Joseph Harrington

from earth day suite


Are you shitting me? These animals are people!
They don’t know a friend when they smell it.
We wrote them off a long time ago, actually,
not actuarially.      See if I care, eat
the wetlands, you bitter real estate elitists!
Eat thy wet heart out, thou holy simonist!
Fear Detection Center – Number One!
in protection of the centermost
center of Libraries.
                                                      & if I care, what then?
Shall we say, Whenever someone acts strange
look for the ear buds, the blue tooth?
What, then, Phaedrus, is a smile,
but a frown turned upside-down?
When you say Ideology, I already have.


We regret to inform you your

immortality expired.  Human

bodies cannot bear too much

hen bit                              june fee

The towels exist for my hands

The trees exist   for the towels

Clean sun                      light light

My hands exist for make make

All those sad figures    –    what

do jesuses do?         That does it

You’re it now.

Joseph Harrington is author of Poetry and the Public (Wesleyan). His creative work has appeared recently in Hotel Amerika, Fact-Simile, With + Stand, and other publications. He teaches at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, USA.

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