Justin Mulrooney

Three Photograms

man 2

blown up

crucifixion of deborah collins according to justin

Justin Mulrooney is from London and was raised and educated in the Republic of Ireland. His mother was English, and his father Irish. He gained his degree in fine art from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2003. Since gaining the degree, Justin has exhibited in many art galleries throughout Ireland and abroad. Many works have been sold to private and public collections throughout Ireland, Europe and America.

Also at this time, he started teaching and facilitating workshops for the National Council for the Blind, and the elderly in painting. As well as this he has travelled extensively throughout Europe tasting each of the countries' unique cultures and art.

He was married in July 2008 to a Kazakh national, has been teaching English in Kazakhstan since August 2008, and is planning his first exhibition outside of Europe.

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I love these images. Well done Justin!!!

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