Mariana Isara

from Latent news sonnets


Flirtation and mild
wind defined as comfort. A
room recites the roots
of trees, rotten stairs,
everything’s suspected of
damage, the waiters
burned bread and quille
blades shattered lizards. Plastic
mated a saucer of love,
and oil. Effects speed
temperature, weeds die on
the page, willows are
toxic. Do not stop until
meat, I said and it made sense.


Hot weather islands,
brought a ticket that wouldn’t
blow away. The sea
rose thick retardants.
It damages the windshield
wheeled and coursed for things we wished
for recycling.
Blunt careless Love is wrung from
biphenyls unravel the
nervous system. Old
women assemble heavy
in their fists,
lonesome for magnetic fields.


Glow worm sheet in the
stratosphere. We talked about
the war, all night an ozone
of grief suspended
my body, familiar places glistening.
When the winter wind
wept like rats, washing print &
lucid pictures of
malignant melanomas
years peeled apart.
Whales packed their bags – outpatients.
Go back to a clear atlas.
The shy lead damages
your eyes.

Mariana Isara is a poet who subsists in Otautahi/Christchurch, Aotearoa/New Zealand. Her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Trout, Sport, NZ Listener, and Blackmail Press.

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