Adam Katz

With Saul

Line as interchangeable unit.
Basic coextension of line and syntactical unit.
Unclear distinction between “different” syntactical units.
Inexact boundaries of individual syntactical units.
Unambiguous distinction between different lines.

If reads this line,
When(1) reads this line?
When(2) knows when(1)?
When(3) reads next line
And not previous line?

“I remember” reading Infinite Jest in California,
Listening to Chopin on the couch,
Hiking to Nelly Lake,

Fell Out

I was here
                during the massacre
                                                           in 1980. Nobody
remembers that massacre
because they were all during
                               the massacre
in 1980. I remember being
here during the massacre that nobody remembers,
the massacre of familiarity.
                                                         Nobody here
remembers the familiarity which received
its commissioning for a new partnership
in the 1980
massacre. Weights
balancing, the peculiar weighing of
items in a class the mass of
none of the items in which is
measured in the same units as that of any
other in the same class.
“Likely your best chance at a trophy
northern pike.”

Adam Katz has an MFA from Columbia, and his writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Pank, POOL, Sous Rature, Reconfigurations, and the collection Imaginary Syllabi. He's working on a poetry and drawing collaboration, a literary hard science fiction novel, investigations into the applicability of Iyengar yoga and vipassanā meditation to the pedagogy of poetic craft, and some other things. He is currently living in Saskatoon.

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