Raymond Farr

Tree Branch ‘Dividualism: against it all again

x-sanguinated sky-mirrored syntaxes archive dark spectacles Of pathos-postmodern In epic periodicity A loon More often a trick of syntactical Mr Magoos Is a mitten Or flensing knife A moll that’s an ink jet/ casaba bean/quick jaunt Whose Bulls’ eyes’re test patterns The idea is that of an alternate route A bp horizontal protracted paratactic sine wave of darkness posing at nadir      A Tel Aviv abyss gluttonous w/ fries But don’t paint—articulate: The bird’s eye is solvent A shellac that is groomed by a turbulent Nietzsche    I put up my foot to my mouth uttering a backspace / scanning a caps lock / the NY of grease & delete all the op-eds Palmolive spike here & the ice is run ragged A digital likeness of Idaho dadada in a voice I can’t quite recall or even dilute in a Volkswagen bug Someone marvels at little Dada Tootsie Roll       Express(ion, ism’s       a doll face A short wave    interlude of the pseudo-infrared A contradiction with spine tingling        In reference to Systems Enabled Utility Prosthetic A dong is for shadows O nickel-plated fired-up howling dog-headed Phoebes…O nation of beefeaters bludgeoned by Eros’s cloth…(why the Hell knot?) Yr grid irons multiply Yr nude orange tabernacles vacillate in yarns Of Dear Johns of the Cross To plough up the scene in roller rink mambos The outskirts are gloomy A six gun of andirons & avg. Joe Rachmaninoff pits words against titans A series of particulars tasered like goats into violent porn But against what […fields of LlaAnNgGuUaAgeE…] tin cans are?

Pace Maker Installed on Exit Line

Welcome inside all you alabaster. I came Pre-excluded anyway. Primary plagiarized base elements deride subway line to exit now. Heat warrants chucking mice paradigms. To grill at bats cove ice molecule. Lay-about Pearl Buck. Adumbrates a “D”. Fielding pencils over Cantonese curses. Cursed swallows observe. Seven heads. Twelve gout of stats. One at the open door says Hello Dolly Hello Spanky the box is a number. The song & the woodlands perfectly on fire. Vivacious throats. Trapping warped thunder ghosts’ lopsided sentence poses under glass means hands means beans. Strangling mesh out of messiah. Mile markers to get rid of here. Marking the death of the death of the death of never more grounded. Popsicle music departing western avid hula hoop. The small During the small. Points are a single a double a triple escape hatch. Unlike ghosts no one invests in. The singular spooking. Of man vs. A camel a skunk. Head shoved. Deep into script’s cup. Of Deep Throat. Cream of the croppers (for real! Shredded by air play. The grand old textures a fantasy of tolerable human speed. Demonstrate crow bunting abilities en force. Exit knowledge levitating. The seizures of historicity. Digging out scenes &&&&& cut! Swallowed by light. Toe holds of joie d’vie crumbled by crumb cakes. To succulent journalism. Bewildered wolverines’ pop-up vaginas goad Peyton Place. To eye Meta / reality. Speaks satchel. Now that days glow vermillion briskly. Unctuous pudding pop grants identity. Awarded to. Electric eel: in person. It’s one part per billion brooding advantage over. The real Silly Putty. Inadvertently. Les autres. Up sidewalks. Motion slapping knucklers’ cheering gone wobbly. To school. & swordfish in and out. Appearing hours. A dance together. Up walkways gangplanks. Sporting specimens’ theoretical human grist. Unforgiving as torsos. Mashed in ego bin. Myopic pities score waltzes. Humdrum living. Breathing in & out of doors. An S an A ungovernably sour. Soma of frost. Hosed out of multiple turrets. Colorado’s integer nightmare rumbles the socked in. Intrepid machine-mom. Stalking mammon to Milk Duds. The brewers’ tossed dice awash in semblance of flashing relics. Etches ambiguous pogroms of risk. Next door Miss America walks her thrifty sex tail. The same content hit after hit. Parades as though. Jumbled air quorum as though repeated silence. Signifies judo revolutionary disk swap. Off doughy home run. Scammed silos in the flat eyes of cyclones. The many preludes spit-balled by seasons. I walk past a lap dog. My senses take pill s. That Fly in the amber. Hops up. Amuses me. Among infinite preludes. None is the ultimate nightfall. Or frozen fur balls my own. The babe is reaching. Had calloused lungs. One meandering season in hell recurs like a night. Like a daily’s. A trump. To death’s trumpet. Sawn & re-sawn myth of a wail. Refusing to breathe out. At air he swats back. Diamond sounding sonar-fears rougher than. Swung at. & missed. Exposure to the unfinished.

mr herod & ZENtrifugal Space

Raw worth is my meat hook Little Gidding Tonka Toy twisted yellow “look owt! Look owt!mr herod eats penne on Champs Elysée! ”! ~ To Dada he’s beet root ~ A wonder of smudge pots’ Pavilion per billion He throws down his head to vomit up cheese Ingots & Inga’s rings On all his Incan fingers No ordinary femi-nine laxative But Lemon Pledge in his flask ~

Whoopee cushions Of heaven aside, mr herod, yr business in Zurich Pays nothing but 10s / It gloats past Hans aARP It chats up Hans aARP / chatter bones jones’s Frisson Bizet & a boy, mr herod, & a girl get off On a snowflake Arrive {weeded} mouthing a mouthing What winter is nearer Waldorf glass structure Than test margarine B Whizzes past corn fields Thru fair grounds they go! un-Driving a U-Haul ~ march 28th swimming thru Xmas, Something they space sunders like music the man in the iPod ~ Hence tristan tzara ~ a goat in the grooming

(OPEN ghostly SEASON inc. reminds us—today we have lard, mr herod —“I implore this committee!” But dead eggs mete the dead glace defenses thinking of sprawled taunting Sgt. _epper Ochre manic taffy dude seethes conditionally Connives horizontally TOTTLE TOTTLE blunders thru arc light (somebody’s perfidy, The perfidy of “P” is fodder for singing) One mile wrongly & one mile away: ½ curds ½ whey mr herod /herod /hedonist Barters fiercely (Something)(something) Mr. Kite The Hendersons will all Be there Positing OCTOBER Snow-banking mournful sky unevenness & though the holes Were rather small…They shoot the film In tragic garlic lines They stand affixed One bent pendulum Swinging & swinging I wanna hold yr hand, mr herod, Cause I’m breakin’ the glass where the pain gets thin & it’s tic tic tic on a lentil day

Angels drop irony on the heads of a pin Stripe below sea level & (Sympathy for the Devil has no shoal No sodden shoulder to cry Wolf on) mr herod bleeds & bleeds tv: ENTER: Smoked angels’ HOUSEBOAT DAYS On 20 in. flat panel tv: “yr mission, mr herod, Should you decide to accept it, is kill mr herod dead!” MR HEROD [whose one bad trip / a drum]: “I gotta get outta GHENT!” 3r d MAN (dressed as Amadeus Mozart dressed as mr herod): “I wanna feel it…I do…I just don’t.” ENTER: mule toes’ blunt avant-garde, harassing oyster bar hustlers: mr herod asks: “POPSICLE? By Talking Heads? Is Bacon Donne reinventing the rewind?” A reel distinction is tape loop’d & paused: “Arriba, Amerigo!” [Commercial for St. Yves Tabac] as Up in flames mr herod speaks softly A name Of the past

Raymond Farr lives in Ocala, FL. His work appears most recently at ditch, Cricket On Line Review, Letterbox, Cannot Exist, Otoliths, & BlazeVox2k9. His poetry was included in the most recent Dusie Kollective and the first Sidebrow Anthology. Visit his blog for more samples of Raymond’s work, and email info. He has many free self-published chaps available.

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