Rodger Lowenthal

Paul Siegell's jambandbootleg: A Review

energy    surprise    of music making and listening
life songs from beginning to middle to endless

                “on roads of perspective”
succulent musical word/song play

                “at om w/the atom”
UthCult     sure       why cut us old folk out
and rt on description     :Dilated Elated       celebration

and that is the p .   throbbing beat   pulsing pulse
musicmusicmusic stream of beat consciousness continuum
sensory overloaded ears wired to legs twitching/ arms waving

               body in full/ tingle/ stumble/ trapeze fly and flap

my 1 year old grandson gets a musical birthday card that plays
All Star and while leaning on the coffee table opens it
opens it and shimmies and shakes his butt oh so naturally

Before you gone Phishin                                              DoTheBook

Rodger Lowenthal lives in the Philadelphia,Pa area, has seen/heard Paul Siegell read several times, has become quite a fan.

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