Bill Drennan

the job

scandidates in possession of
an excursive character un
perturbed by the theft of clouds from other agencies
to look down to
demonstrate a knowledge of shortage
in queues for breath
in fiscal displacement events to enjoy
the company of the thick
sluggish soup of itical smog &
record the motions of its sickness
tracking hunger &
starving out inherited fortunes & furthermore

regarding a most important dictate of the profession to
see to it
that all manic depressive countries are accursed
of sanity by the fumbling
hierarchy of sustainable riot records to
be kept clean of
plagued paperwork rituals
nag screen fatigue & other incursions in
to growth projections

with a mere glance at the unmarked territory behind the ears
whilst up to the cerebellum in deathly depression
the suitable candidate
will analytically & discrimanably sift
the mountain’s image from shouldering
gloom to light cloud cover to
gamma burst shower &
no more

likewise a firm understanding of the new soft approach is desired &
the procedural document on the disablement of
smart muscle with glacial cramps
is to be followed into the world
while searching for the said document & making the tea

now the position is exactly &
precisely what is expected
from that stripping of esteem
during which time un
scrupulous methodologies are to be seen to be
stretched to the limit

it has been said that
it is all very well
for the bosses to scratch back
sides while shadowboxing hazardous analyses but

the plain fact of the matter is
that one should find more interesting
a rising sun played against a bummed empire
a bouquet of scoundrel cheese rotting impatiently
for lunchtime to be clarified &

in this the job resembles
a choreographed gas masque
a stampede of phosphorous charm
no illuminating
ongoing containment exercise reports
as well as the generality of things
in general
that are to be registered according to
the principles of
simulated paranoia

Bill Drennan is a regular contributor to Otoliths. Links to his other published work can be found at Hypoetics where satiric, surrealistic, sci-fi-esque sketches appear regularly. He is the author of the book of poetry flightpath resistor, & is working on A Year of Solipsism, which he hopes to see published next year.

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