j/j hastain

if lace is

cyborgian chants

j/j hastain is currently living and writing in Colorado, USA. j/j is the author of the two full-length books asymptotic lover // thermodynamic vents (BlazeVox Books) and our bodies as beauty inducers (Rebel Satori Press) as well as chapbooks how nerve-yen became the new yew tree (erbacce-press UK), .compilate. (Livestock Editions), this is what cadence is for (Dusie Press), hemolytic notebook (Scantily Clad Press) and the let me letters (soon to come out with Pudding House Publications). j/j’s writing has appeared in numerous journals including MiPoesias, Fact-Simile, Eleven Eleven queer poetry magazine (SF, USA), featured essays in Sextures (E-journal for Sexualities, Cultures and Politics) and the hotmetalpress Poetry prize of 2008.

j/j received a BA in poetry, music, gender and cultural studies from Johnston College of Integrative Studies, and an MFA in contemporary poetics from the Jack Kerouac School.

j/j defines as Trans/genderqueer (which is different than Transgender, though not at all discounting it). j/j is interested in the differentiated usages of the prefix Trans (when it is utilized in ways that are not at all related to previously determined models (with binary derived bases) of identity construction. j/j’s life work involves embodying, inhabiting and populating the body as one would a neoteric space—through ways and methods that are not related to formerly prescribed shapes that are based in limit.

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