Lance Newman

Lucky Blue Majority

Today comeback campaigns
massacred the House.
People shelled the war.

The storm caught Kevin
in his pregnancy pyjamas,
mourning his unpopular hair-cut.

One question: Will Speaker
Pelosi divorce Israel
over Beit Hanoun.

Ultraviolet Newborn World

An executive formality:
the WTO’s three-alarm
atmosphere is killing

iguanas and theme-parks.
Chemical flamingos
probe coffee light.

Tricky Titan, rescue me.
Cassini, parachute me
to a big orange moon.

Klan-Free Vista

Another firebombing.
Carloads of shopkeepers,
gasoline, and white law.

Mercury quartet,
play the black
shotguns of 1967.

Mr. Coltrane, let’s escape
imperial orbit. The music
is Earth’s deep lungs.

(These poems were made at 3by3by3, an online mixing table.)

Lance Newman’s poems have appeared in 1913: A Journal of Forms, Beloit Poetry Journal, Blue Collar Review, Breadbox Parsons, Dusie, Fringe, identity theory, Negative Images, New CollAge, nthposition, Pemmican, Perigee, Poets Against the War, Streetnotes, Stride, unsplendid, and Zyzzyva.

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