Marcia Arrieta

the power of symbol

the gold key
the bridge
the philosopher's stone

& upon waking

i remember—>

go to the room
with the view
of the light

                                                             (outside the labyrinth)

especially important—>

the tree & sun


hidden in the boxes & the stars the faces of roses & tigers & the request for
a magic wand exits & entrances transcendental wave against the concrete i will
carry my owl mask in the woods the trees are growing strong the sky is clearing

after reading
chaos, mess and uncertainty:
joseph sudek and surrealism

the intimate & the fragile


the light. the disorganization.


space. misunderstanding.


as if we could know.

mist. expression.

uncertainty. wonder.


wanton fractiles function motive motivate green integers approximate
strangers confronted axis empathy derived concurrent unconscious

music psychology we are moving into away from solitude into the river
embracing rocks tranquilize the moment apart deliberate meticulous harbored

unnoticed ingenious not logical resulting a cottage in the forest a wave function
how to build time misread the pages backwards delete the paradox circular

in a quest to understand time


articulate the unconscious. rhythm. beauty.
3:4:5. logarithmic spiral and golden triangle.
investigate the snowflake.


rational numbers in a field.
i climb the tower of the winds. see the sunlight.
from where did the key materialize? synchronize the seasons.


in winter the earth is closest to the sun.
a geometric blueprint is discovered in a book of poems.
wander through.


it doesn’t really matter. does it?
the ecliptic circle is about to transverse the meridian.
outside the field: straightedge & compass.

earth hour

overlay the story symbolized oblivion exact the shadow over other meaning
simply the thought saints & humanity artist the possibility sense the wave
nothing the however always resist dare the discourse philosophical gathers
hide the equations prismatic meaning inside the truth imagination attempts
experience the definition beginning the field conscious the subliminal form & color

Marcia Arrieta's work has recently appeared in ditch, Litterbox, word for / word, Melusine, eratio, moria, and a cappella zoo. She edits and publishes indefinite space, a poetry journal. Hibernation is appealing these days as is her desire to paint.

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