Ray Craig

Narita Kuko Ken-ekijo
Narita Airport Quarantine Station

Ray Craig writes:

I want to relive the moment you saw each other again after 33 years

Footnote to Narita Airport Quarantine Station

I stopped at the koban (police box) near Yurakucho Station and asked the cop who was standing outside “where is 8-6-5 Ginza?”

he pulled out a large street map - located the spot - pointed towards Sony Building
and said - "turn right at Matsumoto Kiyoshi”


about 30 minutes later she called Testuya-san back and he handed me the phone.

- "Ray desu" (“This is Ray”)

I can hear she's struggling mumbling trying to figure out who I am - and finally she says -

- "Wei-san wa shirimasen" (“I don’t know a Wei-san”)

I thought she said - "Rei-san wa shirimasen" (“I don’t know a Ray-san) - something is not right -

- "Ray Craig desu" (“This is Ray Craig”)

- "Ah!”

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