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unclassifiable floating protein collections living in this boiling concoction wave floppers to icy good byes expel some heat gracefully flip pray for krill, competing with nets and vessels billions of docile dentures, torpedo shaped smiles this sound means lung bubbles could be telling jokes dilating blood vessels bathing arctic sun maximizes pink beach bodies absorbing heat, like a frog, water brought boiling won’t appear squeamish absorption maximization of commonplace becoming speciesfic muscles stiffen large deep water vision eyes roll over problem unfortunately bear like ancestors’ choice to dwell sea lee waving groan flippers rotated forward is waved like human trashcrement drifting to melt beach

* "Seals and their allies were traditionally classified in the order Pinnipedia—the system used here. Today, however, most zoologists believe that these mammals belong to the order Carnivora. Seals and their allies are broken down into 3 families. It is possible that sea lions (family Otaridae) and walruses (family Odobenidae) originated from bearlike ancestors, while true seals (family Phocidae) are more closely related to otters."1


1 Burnie, David, and Don E. Wilson, eds. Animal: The Definitive Visual Guide to the World's Wildlife. New York: DK ADULT, 2005. Print.


wunt wander unterer what symbio tis hosting algae being prettier yr mystery feeting ground below cnidocytes. lacking velum just content withon being basal disc watching bubbles prey ice and hydrozoans locamoting many animalgimating below blanket crust and sea dust. different organ not isms whither, smile, flash, wunder, picture got too sunned, stunned, andor algae sht unn ed. shit, take a snap before photos spread fading when bipedemic necessitates gilled breathing don der own calcium colony on carbon below the attic bubbles tripple up further. we give way. we oxidiez.

Urochordata Cephalochordata

special some swimmers but mostly glued watching galaxial bubbles can be many zooids branchially siphoning water for pharynx filter feeding and we collectively exhale the atrium urinary tract anal exhalation returns water perpetually flowing life. tunics cellulosic but must cover notochords as bag life goes onward more beautiful than breathing through polyethylene. watching trawls stirring ocean cocktail add sand dirt shrimp green turtle cod hawksbill turtle rockfish kemp’s ridley turtle kind mackerel long vita lines leatherback turtle coral loggerhead turtle pound nets olive ridley turtle just trying to be. being the brightly colored mass on the floor isn’t living when always feeling bubbles heating invertebrates deepening, lost feeding with sinking cocktails becoming me surrounding flattered sea as if we all had bag tunics. see gills done sucking impermeable in settling dust, choked on another footprint, strange strangle sea’n.


cartilagenius, with bones, scuttling Acipensed atop. never seen salted till the ending roed, just wave rapids, dragged ropes buried crosses sometimes there is season but not for spawning. the brown crosses the wounded land sorting for egg havens from gold tucks the nymphs are departed bladder plan it drainage marches to sea where we feed among the refuse and hotter nights. this endemic list some u piss systems, no bony a-a’s, a-b’s, the first a-c, mediterranean caviar we must bread we must breed (mal)nourishing, ment tear more tent. survivalists sticking eggs in river sand, black sea mollusks, amphipods, chironomid larvae over silt sweet Thames, run softly, till I end my song, sweet Thames, run softly, for I speak not loud or long from downward facial mouth stirs bottom feeling with barbells to stomach dragging bed parting drifting toward maturity. practice anadronousity if spawn successes fully, if skin scutes fully rows. can rostra swallow without teeth? can elongated bodies live in our excrement along nets for stirring polyparticulates? we injest eggs blessed with salt we’re injest, unjust, just, ed, injured, at my back in a cold blast I hear the rattle of cartilage and bones2 megafauna returning, fragmented, estuariec sentence, waiting to E.W.


2 Eliot, T.S. "III. The Fire Sermon." The Waste Land. Print. Though Eliot may not have intended to allude to a drop in Sturgeon fish population, he did. The lord mayor of London can claim all sturgeon fish caught in the Thames above the London bridge.

From Bodies to Dusk

concreate dust smoothes just where they torch/touch pop songs, folk tales, dry, oily, parts, churning beneath the hand of the lord was upon me and set me down in the midst of the valley al tal tell al I bon been banned tell’m sans sand with tell’m bound bond with sad al tell em me all bonned band which was full of bones failed, kay? stay da sand

mummers: “land! naked land! bodies!”

piled wired veiled bondage depleted in urine a numb talking half life lies talking facial skulls could I kin da? will deposit oil in your capitulum and trochlea; head of femur; medial and lateral tibial condyles; there were very many in the valley and, lo, they were very dry al uh ka zam key kye sandahbababa ba barbara anne oilist ruin est won’t you take my hand west wrestle me your kfc hal and al on fencing falling repeat al and hal kinda tally bonded gooey sand tall-ly the wind tells no borders fire knows no blowers unceasing we’re losing aren’t they al tell tal tall man makes woman watch sand als lost gears treaded dust wand twitch rust mouse click

oi! lust dispose toil your though the femur, as well; your talsus, calcaneus, navicular, cuboid, lateral, intermediate, and medial cuneiforms; can these bones live? * u soil lust new ruinous musk gad dinosaur scat turd teared dirt clay sandy below pressure foot you got me rockin’ and a rollin’ rockin’ and a reelin’ spin this sentence sells wave spaces barbara anne ba ba ba bad god is dad I will lay sinews upon you, and will bring up flesh upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you

* cut living bone in half see it contains various layers: periosteum, compact bone, and the medullary cavity

head of humerus and glenoid cavity** and ye shall live agenda shared gender poverty ruination deeply eaten topping swells went to the dance tellurian rock tell orb tell it tall lye tell life tell tree tell shrub tall borders tell peaces sleep breathe please a plea dustily stove tell stop refrigerated petropoliticians breathe there was noise, and a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to {her} bone deeper. tell’em you’rin this subextrication

** mass as the carpus in two rows, four each

pisiform, hamate, triquetrum, capitate, sun flipped tumbling ideologies to words id tell prosperous agendas tell sharing tell al find tal I bin irreconcilably crooked drill oi! us droil drop when should rain being drank but there was no breath in them tell hal drunk foot twisting geologists green sand us drooling like droplet teeth teach doppler don’t in decide come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live

it’s only carbon dioxide loosened postpubescity and stood upon their feet, an exceeding great army slippery ambiguity like enemies like termites to concrete construction conglomerate companies saw barbara anne so I thought I’d take a chance

petrol synthetic rubber sins sans bar feet, raid a nation, ready, nature lunate, trapezoid, scaphoid, and trapezium bones; bare

our bones are dried, and our hope is lost: we are cut off from our parts

Sam Schild is a writer, amateur triathlete, and social activist who currently resides near Chicago, Illinois. His recent work appears in EOAGH, BlazeVOX, and is forthcoming in Anything, Anymore, Anywhere.

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