Tom Beckett


From you

I would

Take directions.

(That’s the map

Of my

Alternate reality.)

Sensation isn’t

A territory.

It’s weather.

In my

Mind’s eye

You see me

Beginning to shiver.

Cover the mirror.

I want

You Nobody.


A refusal

To disclose

My location

Between this

Appearance and

That event

Is viewed

As dualistic

Even bipolar.

I’ve stopped

Being quite

As funny

As I

Was once.

All true

Rhymes are

Internal. Would

You help

Me with

This zipper?

Variations on

Floors and

Walls continue

To stun.

I mean

Wow! Surfaces

Continue in

So many

Overdetermined directions

(Goddamned skin

For example).

Paraphrase is

Truly true

Enough love.

See? I

Was listening.

Tom Beckett lives and works in Kent, Ohio.
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