Nate Pritts

sun fallow rock

sun fallow rock                creek carved through light                searching for what
               fallow light for                searching through rock                creek carved what sun
creek searching sun                what fallow light                for through carved rock

                              light through rock for                what searching sun                fallow creek carved
what sun carved rock                searching through light                for fallow creek
               rock creek searching               through fallow carved               sun for what light

fallow creek for               sun light searching through               what carved rock
                              sun through rock for               light creek carved what               fallow searching
light fallow creek               sun carved for what               searching through rock

               searching sun for                what light rock creek               carved fallow through
rock creek sun through               fallow what for               light carved searching
                              searching for what               sun carved light through               rock creek fallow

carved fallow through               light searching rock               creek for what sun
               through carved creek               sun for fallow               rock what searching
what for searching               light through carved creek               rock fallow sun

at this distance

there was a me               I barely know               at this distance
               barely this at                distance there know               I was a me
know this me at               barely I was                distance there

                              I was there this               distance was I               barely at me
know this me at               I barely there               a distance was
               me a distance               I was this               know there barely

I barely know               this a me there               was at distance
                              at this distance               I barely know               there was a me
there was a me               I barely know               at this distance

               barely I was               know me distance               a there at this
at a distance               there was this me               I barely know
                              distance I was               me there barely               know at a this

know there was a               distance I me                barely at this
               I was distance               there a barely               know me at
distance this at               know barely I                me a was there

than ever feeling

I am right now               more than ever               feeling again
               I am feeling               again right now               more than ever
again more now               feeling I am               ever right than

                              I am ever               more than feeling               again now
I am more than               again ever               feeling right now
               ever again               am feeling more               I than right now

right again more               now than ever               I am feeling
                              ever more right               than now I am               again feeling
now I am right               feeling now more               ever than again

               am I now more               feeling ever               right than again
I am more now               again ever               feeling right than
                              feeling more now               than ever I               again am right

feeling again               am I now more               than ever right
               ever more than               right now again               I am feeling
again feeling               ever than more               now right am I

Nate Pritts is the author of THE WONDERFULL YEARE as well as two previous books of poems - SENSATIONAL SPECTACULAR & HONORARY ASTRONAUT. The founder & principal editor of H_NGM_N, Nate teaches poetry at the Downtown Writers Center/YMCA in Syracuse, NY.

A new chapbook, DESCRIPTIVE SKETCHES, which includes the work published here, is available now.

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