Raymond Farr

Ode to Nu Yeworker Man & Sououperdouperman!


due _east of NwhY nu Nu Yeworker Man & Sououperdouperman ‘re blended Yonder oathheat In one man Hetookus t wist ng & bag o’cats & For our word SkyyyyyytoppppppMoMa rev-olvutionaerie he starts out fast forward Rewinds to birds— a flying saucer sits in both his eyes A booth not civil (& yet not evil) not mentions a plot –iola viola in sinkable lots are inkable as SOMa ting ting Something like an “it” Is but an else Or a stratagem of elses In this lesson a comic book’s a fry cook ong! Ong! secreting aliens Greetings from Sououperdouperman! Come in Sit down Put up yr dukes Yr forelocks are withered in bunces of wonder! Fishy is a wishything, mycity! This shot is a Ghost /s of grated Yugoslavs Wondering a nameoh! a pharaoh Of paint A streudel’s all studly Uptown on tradewinds &Up to the staircoat Of tom pain He rambles Caloric in nature He thinks He’s adhesive Not dogma by nature The glut of PM the Mirror he fragments He takes it He shaves it He calls it subliminal A brother _eteor meat or the emperor of hail stones sits down in yr soup / The sequel sits down is hilarious fare: Watermmealawn seeds splatter like pearls all over the Bronx And people are dead / have slipped Into comas Help us! Help us! Sououperdouperman! We give you carteblanchedubois A tower like jelly is blue in the Fall I admit it is guilty Recollecting A name A date A person An item But also It’s nice A gust O! west wind & I luv you What more shall I say?


Critical MASSterrysub- LIGHT post-brutality I wanna C Zukoughsky’s Prufrock eat homily Mightily sadistickali knee & soap & chken blunderlly His lye N is a Pose grave Naughty Pine Hill man Un-sugars himself in Rock Fest ’09 Is not a woman in sheep’s clotting Bloons and gas bags He VideEtLorcaHe GladSadiolaSalads& while y’rout…get a greta a rose Artifice any clog is a gorgon & that fells a tree, strangely, & In alake & this among tadpole Basinski-fauna The project killed The showroom floor is where we reel yr dinner in Yr tonic voices abandoned to glut Yr fierce dramajesty crackling on air waves Settles on wharves The Village The Bronx Manhattan & Queens Brooklyn &Queens The Bronx & Brooklyn Too: What can we do about the future When time is a clock? Not a frame of reference Like the one we were promised? on aisle nine you’ll find us dead & alive Stuck in our paradigms—walkingpoutingclamdiggerman slips & fallsanOWL On himself a crewneck Nothing like sououperdouper powers Like yrs Sououperdouperman Sadly sta t istic plasticity is killing duration the Owl lwould dole el eddy oddl y achoo! & Fly amidst us Delive r us oh caped one From the Rot mockers’ comedy Savor the op art we banner in pop ups The tactics are tic tack toe The life of one banana is banana inane

Dadada: small Opus

Dadada objects! Yr honor is /’re made things /FOUND That have been found or manufactured HERE in lobby of Waldorf Hysteria : ice hockey blue & white renaissance iPod ,polka dot plain or complicated .The Chinese a few thousand years ago, DuChamp, Picabia in the United States Glub! Glub! a Steak sauce Apply one or Both ingredients to taste: Et voila! Vodka sandwiches for everyone! (But I digress: ,Schwitters and myself during the 1914 war were the first to invent a bottomless Bride (getting a photo of DuCamp: cramping,,,,uggghmm, NO!coffee! To INVENT let us say Let it be said: (and spread abroad these toys of wisdom and perspicacity Which were To cure the human beings of the Wild wild wild boar of madmadmad madness of genius & bring them gently back to there place in the proper order of Pelicans & things. The natural Beauty of these objects: Vagina monologue Automobile cunning wormed like an apple Rooted in dead-deadness-come-alive-cinema The lion of library, chalked on a chalk board Bakelite telephone Systematized Alphabetized Carrion of gruel gruel world Soccer league pajamas Tall & crinkle cut pawns of Up women voters ,Up, oh leave me in agony…The iron is on Ironic terms, eh, (is a basic part of them, like that of a bunch Of flowers gathered By children. (, abe Lincoln log homes A sure lock humms Thousands of years ago, an Emporer of China sent his artists to the furthest of his lands To find the rare and unusually-shaped stones he loved to collect. And he set them on pedestals alongside his vases An d hissss go d sss hissssed. This pleasant pastime would never suit our thinkers, modern mnkey Jacks-in-office Who lie in wait For the coonoissewers like hotel porters (steaks are hi , stalking customers at a station.

See Me in the Theater of BRKN Mouse Limbs

Incendiary wolves ‘re Running the show Tonight we have video feed GingerFreudGirl SnapsOver WAR! Insist on cyst realism Which stood so long In the theater of BRKN mouse limbs Breaking breaking-wind record I am total mini hammer / mitered up Nietzsche Too deep in the bee hive to fornicate astern I saxophón sa’tollo impolitely FUCK dratted weather vanes etc sheepless religious SUCK If mirror sequences assume atomic states a firework…who uploads the Realism? Whose knock-off young bro is intransitive insensitive knock-off Existentialist? Hasbro young bro Forwarding coin age/the BUNKER by the balls? He presupposes all doubt His grave is a toothless Chanel #5 Too trop/Too much a piece a self He alternates/oscillates / precognates: crowfleshpies &&&camelback hair dopesong! Yummieyummiedinner shit with dopesong! (a greed?) I boot & I cook Soft targets as blue or mixed seven oceans away The spiders’re his business Too market Y to nipple sufficiently His latest LATEX SAXON misery sings silly rounds daily A railroad A tube: row row row das boot in canister 6 He too is tictocsic DISTURBED MUSIC wending Pabst-Bucharest ghetto bing!o man or super sleuth Unshaved vendor — ism IMPROVing a CANTO He is go(o)d bPoEmObPiLnEg A Nazi diamond itches all Kant all Kunt His dada data streams get crossed Donkey Kong to school yard That Dada ist is slav_ hunger ing Season of ’46 ’46 ’46 eternally accidentally A deep pockets Of ruin Belching nerve gas vomit gas We manage a dry goods They altar Behavior He is a PIN equals a PIN is a person: hombre 2677 skylark 8998 When farts Equal history The factoids remain An altered state &/or a Nudist apostrophe typed& red 400º I commit German iota Expressionism I commit das kommitas in German aorta I blow out I animate I sing along with Mitch/ A kadish What is a brass monkey in public rest rooms is to harmonize with the shylock of impossible posses A mother calls mr head stone a ding a ling We play on & on Till fragrance is a pyre like that of a buoy vomiting change His mother calls mr head stone a ding a ling Again A witty girl A whirly girl wind machine Machined like a sentence Of old city life Produces / reproduces—Sept/Oct/Nov—You may view cart now Or proceed to check out (N    o    t    h    i    n    g p    e    r    s    o    n    a    l! )

Raymond Farr lives in Ocala, FL. His work appears most recently in Otoliths, Letterbox, Cricket On Line Review, BlazeVox 2k9, ditch, The Argotist, & Cannot Exist. He has had work included in the First Sidebrow Anthology, and guest edited Issue 6 of Pinstripe Fedora this past year. For email & more samples of his work visit mjonesrview.blogspot.com.

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