Thomas Fink


They had a wonderful
climb, & I’m only
thinking about the
rent. The hat is
gonna fly off.
Eckert & CVS
were owned by the
same mother company.
Departments merged;
jobs merged. These are
working class people
like you & me. Broke
up his life. The market’s
that good? The Empire State
Building has changed colors.
& he’ll just sit on it, & it goes
up & down. He makes like—
double her? Production asso
ciate’s more responsibility. She
does the work, & he gets the
extra credit card. You
keep your personal
life sepa rate from
your office.
From “I’m
getting fired,”
she comes

back the                                                                                next day                                                           
& says, “I got a
raise. No one has
gotten a raise like
this.” So I say, “I
don’t love what you
do; I love you.” Every
one thinks everyone’s
doing some thing. I lost
my ticket. My company
is being sold. Been
meaning to leave. I
should. I intend to.
Righto. With my
back ground?
Come on. We
don’t want to
sit back wards. You
should move every
5 years. It’s part of
the dy namics. Your
thumb doesn’t stay
in the same place.
There has to be
an intel ligence in
your thumb. Be
attuned to every

single bump                                                                      in the road.  
A lot of my friends
are on a rollercoaster.
On so many levels.
I own a lot of
properties that I
don’t even give a
damn about. They’ll
never go away:
Stupid numbers.
We are expected
to sell this to
people we have
no lever age or
control over. &
it’s busy season.
You need to work
so that the pitch
becomes natural
again. It’s the sure
ness of the line. In
the gulf, I give life
time guaran tee. You’ll
be selling dishwashers.
6 product ranges. Chin
ese & Koreans will
be buy ing. Because

we were                                                                                      invited to.      
This war works out
for us. How much for
uniforms? I’d like to
place an order to
go. A large spare ribs
with love. Is he excited
to go? Raging wings. It’s
been raining in Brazil
since Decem ber. Where
they had sev eral 100
women pull ing out
trees. Sounds like they
got that 90% done. Do
you have backup
today? Wall to wall
glass. The outcome
of that executive
meeting. I see 3
people that haven’t
been listen ing. & inter
active pass words that
need to be deleted.
Might want to stand
by the door so no one
comes in or goes out.
I’m going to bring it

back to the                                                                              chapter. We 
want to see 20 people really
working on it. Leadership across
divisions is where we fall
short. You’ll see what
happens going
forward. I’ll do
our best to get
to the bottom.
Radical in what
way? A weed is
something you don’t
want in its place. I
understand you’re
living in a tight
area, but I’m try
ing to pre serve
some cap ital here.
Maybe some are
still vacant. I think it
said “un paid.” Why
would you open
a mall in the middle
of a lake? When I
have sen iority over
people. . . .
Now that

                                                                                I’ve turned 50, I’ve                           
learned to limit what I say. Niagara
Falls was the ex caption. Truthfully,
unless you have this control, & I
don’t. The world is full of people
who can play fast. Too
many. & say to the
customer: “Sorry, I
can’t sup ply.” Why
are we always so
grossly out of
step? To be able to
hear the shapes.
Balanced by resist
ance. Kinda wanna
get the skinny from
you & see what I
can do on my end.
You will use your
head to steady the
instru ment.
Thanks for join
ing. The
ity we’re
now is

                                                                               at Merck with regards                                                   
to tablets. He took
something that exists & made it even
better than it is. That is loaded into
our test environment.
Congrat ulations: I’ve
never heard of it,
but we’ll talk about
it when I get home.
I’ll do what I can

on the internet first.
You’ll come, & it’ll
be a big help. Most
people skim those
things so fast any
how. Do
I what
No one’s
ed this

Thomas Fink is the author of five books of poetry, most recently Clarity and Other Poems (Marsh Hawk P, 2008) and two books of criticism. Two chapbooks appeared in 2009, Generic Whistle-Stop (Portable Press at Yo Yo Labs) and Yinglish Strophes 1-19 (Truck Books). He is the co-editor of a 2007 critical anthology on David Shapiro's poetry. Fink's paintings hang in various collections.

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