Mark Cunningham


We fooled them: it wasn’t a real fake, only a virtual one. The iconic animal may be extinct, but it is still iconic. They clarified the description of rabies by spraying foam around the speaker’s mouth. New Type of Black Hole Found. Your results may vary, but the money doesn’t.


“Scientists have long wondered why humans swing their arms when they walk.” We need velocity to enter reality. You’re an adult when you can control the salad dressing. Whatever I see when I walk down the street is a vision of the future, because I’m not there yet. A flag can wave in a vacuum.


That was to over-stated clichés what Michelangelo was to painting. Sleep Easier: Try a Classic: Keep a Big Book with Small Type by Your Bed—You’ll be Catching ZZZ’s in No Time. We like War and Peace. We didn’t know that kind of inertia was copyrighted. The directional redistribution of waves of light for specific results, such as the induction of glare = solar polarization. We saw the light, but we couldn’t agree which light it was. I was busy waiting.


After the tornado sirens didn’t go off, we decided to hold a virtual town hall meeting, especially since no one could find the town. All images are local, but this doesn’t tell you what “local” is. I repeat, all images are local. They couldn’t believe it: I looked just like my photograph. The bottle had been recycled, and the note inside didn’t have anything original to say, either.


She read the article about the debris found at the center of the explosion and I picked lint from my belly button. The author switched to the first person only to indicate things he couldn’t do. “Floating bridges the relationship between solid and liquid”—but then we found the bridge didn’t float. They gave us instructions on how to be silent.

Mark Cunningham has three books out: Body Language from Tarpaulin Sky Press, 80 Beetles from Otoliths, and 71 Leaves, an ebook from BlazeVOX. He also has four chapbooks out, all on-line: Second Story and nightlightnight (with photographs by Mel Nichols), both from Right Hand Pointing; 10 specimens from Gold Wake Press; and Nachträglichkeit from Beard of Bees.

"All I can say is think twice before using a title with an umlaut in it."

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